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      True love only happens once


I met the love of my life while in high school. It was love at first sight. I remember seeing him and time stood still , I was never easily impressed. but when I laid eyes on him ,my heart simply knew it was him , it so yearned for. I then so happen to have him in my English class and he began to notice me. His best friend let me know he wanted me and only me. we had such a crazy passion filled relationship.we were crazy about each other to the point that we caused so much hurt to one another. We were young, we made mistakes but through it all we deeply loved one another. We got engaged. I did drugs, i lied, i did bad things . He hurt me worst though when he left and never came back. He lied, he cheated, and i was still willing to forgive. I was devastated and i was never the same. A void in my heart will always yearn for him. I couldnt believe we actaully got to that point that we were finally giving up.We were different. I moved on with my life but not a day went by he wasnt on my mind. My heart was heavy and i cried alot but i kept moving on. And i now i hear he moved on too. On a occasion we do speak. He sounds different too. Not sure what it is ,but he doesn't convince me that he is happy. He admited to me he had some regrets and i agreed if i could go back in time i wish we met now. I wish i could of done things right. We both knee we had fucked up the best chance of true love both of us had. All I know is life still goes on for both of us but we truly love one another but all in all we are different people. We promised to always be there for each other if we ever needed one another.moral of the story be good to the one you love. Be a good person always but Maybe in another lifetime...


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