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      My Crush


I am Yanna. As you know, I'm still young and still go in Elementary. I am in the Philippines so yeah. When I was still Grade 2, I and Cyrel, my crush now, are one of the loveteams in our class.

When I was finishing Grade 3, in my Recognition, Cyrels' mother gave me chocolates from Cyrel because my crush is too shy.

When I was Grade 5, I still remember that day, January 10, 2013, some of my friends accidentally bumped me HARD and I tripped. She said she's sorry so that's okay now. My crush laughed at me. I felt so useless and weak. My friends helped me up and asked if I was ok. I said that I was okay but it HURTS so BAD! I hurried to my seat while he is still laughing. I avoided him. Later, Irish, the one who bumped me, told me that CYREL asked his other friends if I was okay. I felt so flattered and so embarrassed that he cares for me. Well, if there's something bad, something good will come.

Now I'm Grade 6, and still have a crush on him. Then, when one of my trainings in Volleyball, my 2nd closest friend there says that Cyrel might not have a crush on me now because I'm too 'shy'. And that she saw him staring at her. I don't know if she is telling the truth and wants me to be JEALOUS. Well, for the answer, I'm not really jealous. I'm HEARTBROKEN! All thanks to her. Well, there is a Gratitude Night where you will party and also like a Prom. I hope HE still likes me and asks me to dance. It's all I want. Just a simple act. Okay. That's for now. Bye.


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