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      High school heartache then love


Me and my boyfriend got together when we were in year three of highschool, i was only 15 and he was 16, in 4th year near our exams he told me that all the stress is too much for him, he told me that we should take a permement break! My heart broke in two, i stayed strong and told him ok, i never cryed infront of him i knew everyone would find me weak and stupi! Well to getto the point after the exams, in 5th year we were in maths and we were put in a group together for a history project about Boudicca! He invited me to his place to work on our project so i agreed, i wen to his house later that day after school, he told me to go threw to his living room, i sat on the couch next to a coffee table with all his books on it, he sat down next to me, we worked for half an hour on our project then finished he gave me a glass of coke before i went, as i was sitting drinken my coke akwardly he put his hand on my knee and said ..... im sorry for hurting you, i miss u, i made a big mistake, plz will u take me back??? I didnt know what to say, but inside i still loved him and would do anything for him, i looked up at him and kissed him gently on the lips! We are still together now, im 21 and he is 22 and im pregnant with a baby girl!! :)


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