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      At last


My current boyfriend and I have an interesting story. Basically my parents are split up and my mum lives in Devon and my dad in the West Midlands. I was visiting my mum one summer when I was 13. I knew the guy next door, he was a good friend of mine and in the year below me so he was 12. One day he had a friend round called maxim, he was the same age and so cute! obviously this would be where people said we fell in love at first sight, I would like to but all I can say is we were really attracted to each other.

Soon enough while I was down at mums, max started asking to see me everday and we would watch films together and after that we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We had fallen very hard for each other and my brain wasn't even thinking that I was going to have to go back to my dads soon. When I came to thought with these terms we said our goodbyes and hee promised to write to me, which he did. But long distance rarely works, especially when we were so young so we broke up. But sure enough when next summer we met up again and it was even better than the first time, we were a little older and that made it easier to get along.

Basically every summer from then on consisted of me and max, we spent everyday together but I knew I couldn't move to my mothers (everything was better here) when I had my friends and school up there. Max however was very supportive and explained that I could move down when I go to college since he was going to the same one and we could finally be together, this was a perfect idea and we lived by this every summer after that.

This summer was a little different though. I have just turned 16 and him 15 and we have matured a lot since we first met, so obviously we were attracted to each other a lot more. He is perfect for me and we like the same stuff, and sure enough we fell for each other again. College would only be 9 months away now but because of family troubles I decided to move in with my mother. As you can imagine, Max was overjoyed as we had been waiting for this for years. I transferred to his school and made a great group of friends. Now he still visits me everyday, but we don't have to worry about me disappearing for a year, at last.


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