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      Taken for granted


This story is about heartbreak and healing. Terrible things were said and done, that I am not proud of. Before I start though, my intentions were never to hurt anyone. Yet somehow I got hurt. Heartbroken even.

Sophomore year. I was the star of the play. He was also in the play. We got to know each other fairly quick. We became best friends. Along with this other girl. Feelings started advancing on my part. One problem. He was talking to another girl, my friend. The funny thing is that I set them up. Obviously I regretted it after my feelings developed. But the damage was done. I really liked my best guy friend.

There is also another twist in this story. My best girl friend also had feelings for this guy. We basically competed for his attention. Somehow we had created the most complicated love triangle I had ever heard of.

All of this factors made my conflicting thoughts multiply. But when it all changed, and got even harder...was when my friend told me he liked me back.

This began months of talking and flirting, behind and in front of our friends backs. It was excruciating for me. I wanted to be his one and only.

One night in September, something happened. I had snuck out, and met up with him at a friend of ours house. It was late at night. As the night progressed, nothing was happening. Everyone was just hanging out. But then everyone seemed to dissapear. It was just me and him.

Then it happened. He kissed me. It was glorious. It didn't advance much because we had to break apart for the sole reason another one of our friends had just entered the room. After many painfully amazing shared glances, I couldn't take it anymore. I took his hand and led him upstairs. Things just escalated. We spent basically the whole night together, kissing and cuddling. It was perfect.

Going back to normal after that was painful. We regretted it, somewhat, afterwards. It hurt both of our friends. In the end, I was just strung along. We never became more. And it hurt me. He took me for granted.


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