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      Who would have thought?


Amazing how life turns out, patience and hope for a bright future is what we both had and have.

My husband of 5yrs we met under the most unexpected situations, and unapproved situations..I had just completed my A'Levels and waiting to get into the best Universities in my country and then my husband to be was a qualified High school teacher-relationship not approved by family and friends, but l new my boyfriend then had the willpower to change the type of life he lived.

l defended my relationship at all cost coz l had deep love for my boyfriend, it wasnt easy especially at college were friends dated well to do guys, but l felt content and happy because l belived in a bright future with the man l so dearly loved.

With much determination my boyfriend rewrote A'Level, excelled very well, found favor and admited in the same prestigious college l was in, meaning l was now his senior in college, but that did not deter us, instead our love blossomed.

Graduated first and my boyfriend 2 yrs later and not with willy nilly results but amongst the top 10 in his class thus awarded a Masters degree scholarship.

From then life has never been the same, we got customarily married after 5 yrs of dating and had a very memorable wedding 3 yrs down the line. Blessings and abundance keep knocking at our door, and l still believe the future is much brighter than before.

Ours is true love, cant imagine life without the other... Blessed with a beautiful,intelligent daughter..


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