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      Foreign Love


I'm a person that loves crafting. I always have and always will, so about 3 years ago, I started a little online shop to sell my stuff.

The shop was in English because, even though I'm not native of the language, I can defend myself quite well and it's a language pretty common worldwide to sell internationally.

One day, I received an usual order with a question about shipment issues. I politely replied as I always do with my other customers.

Then, that same day, the same customer asked me if I really was from Spain, because he liked the country and wanted to at least visit it once.

I'm a very funny person and I replied to him with some jokes about it. The conversation started to evolve and that same day he asked me if I would mind having him as a friend.

I'm a very open person, and already have some international friends, so I gladly accepted.

We started to talk more and more and I was shocked to discover that we had a gazillion things in common, so much that sometimes was kind of scary and amazing at the same time.

I noticed that he always replied with his phone so I told him to exchange numbers and use a phone application to make it easier for him to write. Since then, we started exchanging texts everyday and in less than a month I was totally in love with him. He even asked me to be his girlfriend and at first I was reluctant because, even though I had seen him in video-conference and pictures, we didn't know each other for real (due to the big distance, he is from the States). Slowly but secure, he won me over and I had no more option than to say yes to him.

That same summer, after a 4 month texting relationship, I decided to meet him at his country. At first he wanted to come, but after losing his job, he didn't have the money to do so and I had some saved up. Anyways, with all the internet scam, I decided to meet him in a neutral place, (and with a friend of mine who is living in there too) you never know.

The meeting was the most nervous moment of my life. He was out of the train station, texting me, and I couldn't find him. After some exasperating minutes, I discovered he was at the second entrance.

As soon as I spotted him, I ran and tackled him. I think that after being so nervous, unable to find him, I didn't want to miss him again.

After spending less than a day together, I knew it, he was the one for me. I could feel it in my heart, my body and my soul. I felt complete next to him and loved every inch of his body, every bit of his heart and his personality. He was and is my perfect match and, luckily, we both felt the same way.

It took us another continent to find real love, but it was worth it, and I can't help but to count the days until our next meeting, because the days we spent together were the best of my life and when I truly felt I had finally found my soul mate.


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