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Have you ever longed for something? Not wanted, or needed. But longed for it; a combination of both want and need and if you don't get what you long for, you just simply can't be happy.

Everyday you wake up, and it's the first thing on your mind. Everyday you agonize and fantasize over the possibilities. You wonder and you dream, and you wish.

But most importantly you miss it. Maybe you've had a taste of it, you've felt it on your lips. but maybe you haven't, and you're stuck in a land of the improbabilities.

Either way, you miss it. You miss it like you're 6 again and your dog ran away. You miss it like the tide misses the sand when it's away. You miss it like the moon misses the sun as he chases her around the earth. You miss it because its a part of you. You miss it because its in your heart.

And sometimes it hurts. Because maybe its not within your grasp. Or maybe you have to work for it. Do you see what I mean?

Ever since we sat on that beach, swam in the warm water with the tide lapping against our legs, every time I go to the beach, because all water is connected, I have fallen deeply, deeply in love.

There is a place in my heart that loves the ocean and what it can give; what I can give to it.

Here's to the tide.


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