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      Love or crush


There was a this guy during our tour i was not aware of his presence till the time we reach the exact spot, on the next day wen all the studrnt went for tjr outting i heard about him from my friends. Every gal was so found of him and most shocking part was that two of my friend admire or you can say loved him, so during our outting me and my other frnd try link up him wit one of my frns who admire hims because the other frn was toi pipular around guys so i thought we shud help the other frn to get her live but unfortunately somedays later we all notice that that popular guy eas trying to get my interest. It was really shocking for me and i was not getting way how to control that situation, i was trying hard not to like him but he was really a nice guy about whom every gals had a dream, he the kind of guy any girl would like to be with i was not able to avoid him but my friend was so much in love with him that she was ready to do anything to get him and she was not aware of the fact that i too started liking him . I really do live my friend and i cant see her getting hurt so i decided to avoid tha guy and one that guy tried to tell me something and i know what exactly he wanna say so i just stopped him from saying and hurt him alot even i got hurt while doing that but i had to for my friend . He is no more in my life but the beautiful and memorable time will always remain with me alive . I am happy for my friend.


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