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      We overcame it all.


In high school, being different wasn't the most fun of places to be. You got bullied, ridiculed, because you have a different view or life. About half way through the first term, a new boy came. He was confident with himself. He was immediately popular. Me being the dopey guy i am, stayed away from him, admired him from a distance. But that changed, when in maths, he was stuck, i was the closest person to him, so i helped him out. He was still stuck, so i offered to tutor him. He agreed and soon i was on his way to his house. The fear the excitement, it was ready to explode inside me. I arrive at his house and get let in by his mother, nice lady, middle aged, not a single gray hair. Then he came downstairs to greet me. He was wearing a simple striped t-shirt and black jeans. My heart was pounding. I went upstairs with him and got on with the work. After about 15 minutes, he turned to me and told me that he didn't know much about me. So we got talking. I told him how i got bullied for being the only gay kid at school. Silence. I thought it would be over. I thought he would start laughing and making fun of me like everyone else. But no, he sighed, he seemed more relaxed, like a weight was taken off his shoulders. He said "you're not the only one" and leaned in and kiss me. It was the most, romantic moment in my life. We tried to keep our relationship a secret, which was fine by me, i was getting more popular and having more friends. But with the rate gossip travels, someone had seen us holding hands at the mall. And then we went from the most popular of people, to the pile of manure at the bottom. We suffered through three years of that torrent, but we were still strong. We kept together and was over joyed when gay marriage was made legal in our state, he immediately proposed, and i said yes. Now were living happy, successful lifes, and are planning to adopt our first child. So although at moments in school, i thought we wouldn't make it, we did and in the end, we're happy. So it kinda worked out :)


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