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so i went out with this guy named gabriel over thanksgiving break and i loved him and i thought everything was going fine. until i realized that we had been dating for 6 weeks and he still wasnt touching me or doing anything. so i broke up with him and started seeing this other guy and then i was dating a new guy every month. but then i realized that 6 months after i broke up with him that i still had feelings for him. but it was too late cuz i had just found out that he was dating my best friend. but then i found out that this guy that my best friend had liked since kindergarten had asked her out. so she was trying to decide if she should stay with gabriel or go with her dream guy eric. after that i did everything in my will to make her say yes to eric and to make her dump gabriel so that i could be with my true love. so i found out a week later that she had siad yes to eric and she broke up with gabriel. so as soon as i got my chance i went for it i asked him out and he said YESSS!!!!!!!!! i love him so much and i guess he found out why i broke up with him the first time and now we are still together and he touches me he loves me and he kisses me constantly and then reminds me once again that he loves me and would never give me up for the world. it was UNBREAKABLE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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