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      From Stranger to School popular boy to Boyfriend


Sitting on the edge of the boundary at the beach all alone. seeing shadows of people going past me & never though did i see his sweet and sensitive smile , Covering the edge of his cheeks. The teenage boy just stood there just staring at me , hoping he would just come & sit with me. I new nothing was going on at the moment but then saw more shadows of everyone coming at the back of me . As soon as i looked to the back , i saw him again he just stood there & his first words that he said to me where ''Are you OK'' his voice was soft and really tune. I couldn't help to get up and say something to him. As soon as he was about to walk away i said ''My name is Chelsea , and yeah i'm OK , just had a rough day at school. He asked m to get a coffee & we just chat all day at the table. We then both went home which he gave me a life , i then relies-ed that we went to the same school so luckily he wasn't just a stranger he was a friend who help me out. Cody than gave me his number , he dropped me home safely. The next day we talked for hours and hours i then relised this boy had something that made me like him more than ever , his smile, white shinny teeth, light brown hair (just like me) , prefect boy to be around with,Cutest guy i have ever met my whole life, Has a great personality, Lives near the beach ( just like me), has no brothers and sisters (just like me), Gets spoiled at home(just like me) & we pretty much have everything in common. Cody & I walked to school together the next day , everyone starred at us since Cody was all popular and everything . A few girls gave me death stairs and started laughing at me. As soon as i relised that i was getting all these people teasing me pretty much bullying saying that ''i'm not worth it'' and ''his doesn't even deserve me'' , i ran away from him and he started calling out my name ''CHELSEA'', ''CHELSEA'' . I ran to the girls toilets and as soon as i came out he was standing there , the bell rang and he told my teacher and his teacher that we need to sort out a problem between us so they actually let us have the day off. Cody drove me to his place and we watched a few movies and we talked heaps , he said i was a really nice girl to hang with. Cody then sat next to me and held my hand really tight he said''everything is gonna be ok , i promise'' i replied with a '' don't promises that you cant keep because remember your the most popular girl in the school and guess what i am... i jerk. He replied with a '' I can keep this promise and i want you to think about me as a different person instead of the most popular guy in the school. I replied '' Do you even like me '' Cody'' Your the most beautiful girl i have ever met , most attractive , Gorgeous , Different & you never give up , that's what i like most about you when wee alone. Cody '' Promise me you'll never call me ''Attractive & beautiful ever again'' Cody '' No'' Me'' whys that'' Cody ''Because your all those words i described you as'' Me'' Ohh ok''.

It got dark and he drove me home i started to rain heaps , so he opened the door for me and we just stood there like idiots and he then closed the car and started to walk to her drive way . he asked me ''Did you enjoy your day today'' and i replied with ''the best'' . Cody whispered something in my ears i didnt rely get it so i look at him and he kissed me so tight i didn't want to let go , his lips where as soft as a cuddly bear and there where really warm. He lifted me up and i felt alive again . He held my hand so tight he didnt want to let go , his hands where wet so where my and every single time he held my hand i can feel myself shivering like it was true love. Cody then kissed me goodnight and said he might chat with me later on . he kissed me again for the second time and i slept pretty well.



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