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      Never coming


I was 13 years old and it was the start of 8th grade and I knew everyone at school. I guess not everyone because there this one girl I've never seen before but, I just thought it was just another girl. I found out she was dating one of my friends. so I laid off. four days after my birthday 1-24-11 was the day I first asked her out. Between the start of school and my birthday 1-20 I had developed feelings for her. she was smart, funny , cute, amazing, weird, different, honest , loyal , faithful , and just different from every other girl. she came from a family of hunters and her brothers were well known because of the sports they did. her father was a state trooper and her mom was a teacher.

on 1-24 the day came where my life changed. everyday I got to my locker right after class and ran to her locker because I was so happy to see her. my heart always skipped a beat when I saw her and I always felt comfortable around her where I could be myself with. the real me not what I was with my friends. months past by and me and her got closer than you could know. we both shared specials and memorable times like our first kiss. she was my best friend and I was hers and I was there for as she was with me. we always met at parties and held hands and hung out with our friends. sometimes we left to be alone, but not to do much but to lye down on the grass or hill or where ever and look at the stars. we kissed but most time we talked and gazed at the brightness of the stars and moon.

even though we couldn't see each other out of school we always met up when we were with friends.

when we couldn't see each other we found ways to like we video chat all night.

she had strict parents so it was hard at times to video chat because they only knew me for the one who played sports, but after a while they knew more and more about me by people.

months past and we were still together and our relationship was even stronger. I was having troubles at home to were I was to point of hurting myself, but she was there and she talked to me. she was only reason I loved life. she gave me hope. one of best memories was at our town fair. I was near our river look depressed and waiting for her because she did a flash mob. I could feel the chilling wind blow and she held my arm and I told her about everything. how I told her if I died no one would care and she said she would and she cry. tears came before my eyes as I talked more and more and she wiped them. she talked to me and she gave me a feeling I never had before. after that day. I truly fell in love with her for many reasons. I always told her why I loved her and dated her when she wanted to know. I always wanted her to be smiling and happy and everyday I did that and I always fought for her to be happy and I was willing to do anything for her. I was lucky to have her.

months passed by and we dated for a year and couple months valentines day I kind of gave her a lot but it put a smile on her face. then week went by to wear we both got jealous and we both promised to not talk to other boys and girls. we fought a lot over that but at end of the day we grew stronger some how. it was constant cycle but still fought to keep her happy in the end and I was still whiling to do what I could. then at one of her sisters softball games I was with a guys and near girls and then she left me cause she saw it and didn't come talk to me but just got mad and left me by text and not by my phone but off her friends phone. I wish I could of taken the day back and started it over. it was to late I made a mistake and lost the one who was everything to me. she said she couldn't be with me now and she needed time so I gave it to her. i left for florid and came back and found her and my best friend flirting with her. homecoming came and he asked me if it was ok to ask her out. see her happy with him I said yes. honestly I wanted to say no, but I didn't want her to be sad or anything. I still love her and miss her till this day and I just want to tell her how I feel but...I don't want it to change to where we r now.. friends again. Everyday she is always on my mind. I dated others but it was same anymore. I just want her to be happy all time so I don't tell her how I feel. somehow I see them kissing at wrong moment and I don't know. in the end if she's happy I'm happy that's all that matters. i still miss our times, even though I have faith she will be back, I know she wont be back


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