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      Waiting for him


I was 13 yrs old when I met him. We met simply. No like at first sight happened. It was just an ordinary days in high school, everyday going to school, to study, meet friends and schoolmates and he's one of those. I met him in one of the school organizations. I just liked him because he's smart(he's 2 yrs older than me) but not that much because he's so serious. I didn't also expect for him to like me because I'm not that pretty enough and I still have childish acts. I noticed him next was on the school elections of officers for high school. At that time, i feel pity for him because he didn't won for his desired position and he sat alone in one bench.Next, was on our subject field trip. We chatted for a short time. One of my classmates teased us but to me it was nothing. It didn't came to my mind that he will like me or we will be together in the future. We slowly became close friends when I invited him in a fellowship. Next was in our church summer camp. After that, unexpectedly, he courted me but in the phone. I rejected him because I wanted to be courted personally. 1 yr later, he courted me again but I don't know what's on my mind why i didn't answered him yes. I just reason that I liked someone in school. I know he was hurt, so was I. I liked him very much. I didn't care about his looks because my mom doesn't like him. After that, we didn't have our communication. Months later until now we had our communication back. I thank God, despite of everything, our friendship didn't change. Despite also of the distance, we still remember our friendship.

LESSON LEARNED: Honestly, I regretted that I didn't answered him YES before but if we are really meant to be, God will lead us. But, if not, God will grant us the deserving. As of now, we didn't meet for 4 yrs because of studies. I'm still waiting for him...


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