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      One More Chance


Few years back when I was in elementary, I found out that there was this boy that had a major crush on me. I didn't exactly know him because he was new. So when we both got in the same class for 5th grade, I got to know him a little better.

I instantly fell for him. I loved how he was the only guy that I felt like I could be myself with. He gave me gifts and whenever I was down, he always knew a way to make me smile.

I wanted to tell him that I liked him too but there was a problem. I wasn't allowed to date. My friends said that I didn't have to tell my parents but I didn't want to go behind my parents back. It hurt everytime I rejected him.

When summer came, we were always chatting on facebook 24/7.

"cutie,meanie,beautiful,funny girl is on the loose for being beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!lol miss u love u!"

When middle school came around, I couldn't hold my feelings in anymore. I had to tell him how I felt. The first day of school, I found him hanging out with a different group. I was a little disappointed but I thought he only wanted to know new people so I brushed off the feeling.

I began to notice over the weeks that he hardly talked to me. He was never on facebook and everytime he was, he didn't seem excited to talk to me like he used to. It was like he transformed into a different person.

Months later he told me that he didn't like me anymore. I felt my heart break but I covered up what I felt so he wouldn't think I cared.

I watched him from time to time with his girlfriend and how happy he looked. Most times I wondered, would that be me if I had told him sooner? I still care for him, and I don't think I'll ever forget him. He was the first to have me exprience what it felt like to love someone. I wish I was with him.

If only I had one more chance.


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