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      God wrote my love story!


This is a true story about a teenage girl who could think of nothing she'd like more than for a handsome, godly young man to love her the way she yearned to be loved. When she was just 15 years old, she began to notice a handsome, brown eyed young, Christian man who had a gift in music. She was deeply attracted to him and God began showing her through different circumstances that he was God's will for her life, but she often doubted that it would ever come together, mainly because he was 5 years older than her and because, even though they went to the same church, never spoke to one another. Yet, she stayed faithful in praying for him every single day for the next two years. During this time, she never once told him about her prayers or deliberately let her attraction to him show. She simply waited and prayed for God to continue working in his life. Then, about two years after she started praying for him, God's perfect plan was revealed to them and that young man asked permission of the girl's father for permission to court her with the idea of marriage in the future! These two young people have just celebrated 10 very happy months of courtship and are looking forward to the future God has for them together!!!:) This is a true story that proves God's great ability to bring two people together in such a way that leaves them standing in awe!!! These two young people couldn't have imagined a better love story! As the book of Psalms says:"As for God, His way is perfect..."! God god writes the best love stories, but every true love story must start with an individual falling in love with their Saviour, Jesus Christ FIRST! Let God write your love story! You will NOT be sorry!!!:-)


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