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      A Never Ending Love Story..........:)


hi!am story is all about a boy whom i never noticed but when i noticed i became his lover.the story started on a crucial day...after spending my 6years in my previous school i was bound to take tc and unfortunately i got admission in a new school in standard 7 where i found my love pinaki.on the very first day i didnt notice him but after few days he became my close frnd.gradually when days,months passed i fell in love with him.i didnt have so much guts to confess my feeling.but feelings cant b of his frnd said him about me.we had our conversation through cheats.he said yes to me as because he used to love me from the very first day.we became sweet couple.he used to come to my house and we shared beautiful puja days we together spend most of the time doing romance.he used to come with his stunning bicycle.even we had our first was awesome.but due to my mistake he lost his 1year in cls 8 and i still regret.this gave birth to quarrels,ignorance,misunderstanding and at last we had a breakup and we lost each other .or else i cud say that we were not that much mature to understand what love is?or else i was immature that i never tried to understand his true feelings as because i dont want to harm my studies.i was a a jerk but somewhere we were still together.we broke contact and after few years i came to knw that he got committed to another girl. i was deeply hurt at that time when i lost him and this time when i became sure about this.years passed and we were again in contact.i asked him about his gf.but it seemed talking to him that he was not happy.he used to avoid those questions which was for his gf.i asked him whether he is happy but all in vain.i badly wanted to get back my first love.i cried for him and one day i took a decision of getting him back so i said him to accept me and apologized for my first he neglected to my request but after that he accepted and again we r a couple.he was changed and that too his he ride bike.he luked too hot.yet he accepted me but not from his heart.he ignored me day by day and it was killing me from day i came to know that he still loved that bitch.i asked him about this but he ignored.we had quarrels in the puja days and we again left each other.and this time i was literally hurt.i tried to commit suicide but i escaped.he went to kashmir for 2 weeks and after retuning he made contact with me.i ignored his calls and that 2 him.he asked me to why i was ignoring him.i said him all that i heard from his frnd.we cleared all our doubts and from that day onwards our towards each other became very strong.we were physically and mentally into love.and now we love each so much that we cant stay away from each other.whenever we had a quarrel we both cry like a small baby.when he hugs and kiss me i feel so good.he was my destiny and i love him very much and cant stay without is gods grace that we r together now.i dont know to how it happened but my world lies in him.i dont want to lose him or else i will die.i love u pinaki,i love u so much.plz dnt ever leave me and go.he was my my love and will b is not just a love story it is a true love love story...nd i hope it never ends.............


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