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      I still love u.........


This story starts with a sweet girl named payal who left her previous school and joined a new school.she was polite by nature and was friendly,so this made her having lots of day she noticed a cute boy studying in his class named was pritam.she fell in love with that boy "love at first sight".payal was so dumb that she never showed the guts to tell her feelings to was their half yearly exam and they both were on different rooms giving their day she shared her feelings to her close frnd. and unknowingly one of pritam's frnd heard this and said this to pritam.payal felt sorry for it and she decided to apologize for it.but nothing happened like that.they exchanged cheats in the form of conversation in which she came to know that pritam too loved her from the very first day.payal was very happy and they became a sweet couple.they both were into a relationship."LOVE WAS IN THE AIR".pritam used to come to payal's house during the puja where they spend beautiful times and shared lovely moments with each short they both loved each very much.they even kissed each other in pujas .but something happened unexpectedly, their commitment were not long lasting.pritam lost his 1 year and this made a distance in their relationship.they had a breakup.but their heart still beat for each other.they were not in contact but their heart cried for each other.and a day came when again they got committed.their relationship was god gifted.they realized their fault that their breakup at that time was something unusual.they forgot the past and started leaving with the present and planned for the future.they went into their relationship so deeply that they couldn't stay without each other for long.more they quarrel more they loved each other.and i hope they live like this for ever.........


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