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      Once upon a time


IŽm married happily, with all the ups and downs. I have children and my life was working and caring for my kids and family

My husband was my best friend since childhood. We married young and had our first child early. We didŽnt have much time for us a a couple or as individuals but we just thought it was normal, and carried on for over twenty years.

My mom has Alzheimer's disease and came to live with us a few years ago. Mi mom in law died recently, causing us grief because apart from being my husbands mom, she was like my second mom and helped me raise my children and lok after my mom.

I muddled on until december. Then I became sad, cried for no reason, couldŽnt concentrate...

I stumbled on an online chat and mafe friends with a younger man, also eager to talk to someone. The thing is we-or at least I- never thought I could be attarcted to another man, thought it was a sign of weakness and here I find myself infatuated by this cuye guy who lives on the other side of the world and who is also similarly attracted to me, it seems. Of course, our contact is just online and there is no way we're going to meet at any time. Anyway, it's impossible to go any farther than this friendship. We are both aware of that and communicate less.But still I have the feeling that if IŽd met this person at another mopment it might have been different... Who knows? Wish me luck!


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