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      Loving again


It's been a long time since I've fallen for someone. I was convinced that I never would fall in love again. But recently, it happened.

I work alone at night until the wee hours of the morning. Nearby, there is a mall. I go there during my "lunch" break to just be around people, walk around a bit. One of my favorite stores is a software store. I've always been a computer game "junkie" and often drift into the store to see what's new. I had noticed that a new flight simulator was coming out soon and this particular night in July, I decided to drop by to find out when it would be released.

I saw the box cover on display, and one of the sales people asked me if they could help me. I replied that I was interested in this particular simulation. He checked for the release date in the computer. Meanwhile, this young lady was asking me if I'd like to put $5.00 down as deposit. I kind of laughed and said "Y'all are always getting my money" or something to that effect. I had noticed her before, she was very pretty, with dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. But I didn't consider for a moment that I had a chance with her, After all, she looked as though she was only 22 or 23. I'm 44.

Well, they had convinced me to put $5.00 down on the game. She then looked at me out of the corner of her eye and asked what my name was, I was somewhat startled by this, especially since I'd just given the sales guy the information. She said "I've seen you in here before, you look familiar" I told her my name, and she asked where I worked and what I did. I gladly told her, my heart warming as I spoke. I felt that special glow that I'd not felt for so long. I was 'enchanted' with her. The sales guy advised me to hang on to the sale slip for my game. She then said, "I won't forget your name" and said she'd give me a call when it arrived the next week (I'm STILL waiting for the game to be released) As I left the store, She said something that struck me. She said "Oh, You'll be back"-I smiled and said, "yep, you're right, I'm in here a lot, I'll probably be back tomorrow" . Then as I left, she said "It was nice to meet you!"
WOW! I went back to the office with a huge smile. My heart was still warm all over. I kept going back to the store as often as I could, always hearing her sweet voice saying HEY! made my heart melt. A couple of weeks later, I discovered that it was "Friendship Day" and saw it as an opportunity. I ordered a little bouquet of flowers online to be sent to the store. I didn't know her last name, and it was required to complete the order, so I made up one-"Onecoolgal" and wrote how much I appreciated having someone to go see at "lunch". I was a bit afraid that she wouldn't appreciate me being so presumptuous, but she called a few days later to let me know that a DVD I'd ordered arrived, and to thank me for the flowers. She asked if I saw them, she put them right at the front of the counter, where everyone could see them. They are still there after 2 weeks.

We have yet to go further as of this writing. I have asked her out a couple of times. Once for lunch, but she couldn't go because there was a new girl there at the store, and once for dinner, but again, she was obligated to work. As of now, I will wait before asking again, for a little while. I suggested we get together sometime for dinner after work, and she'd agreed. But I want to be very careful, and not rush things.

I'm praying that this time, love won't be another heartbreak. Unfortunately, I have a heart of glass. I've been hurt pretty badly in the past. I'm keeping a positive attitude. I want to believe in her and US. Whatever happens, I'm extremely grateful God brought her into my life, so I can feel this way again, even if only for a little while. If my heart gets broken, it'll almost be worth it, because every time I walk into that store, and see that sweet face and hear that sweet voice call my name, I fall in love.


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