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      Long Ago Affair


I left to meet Edward. My husband stared from the doorway as I backed out of the driveway. He was stuck taking care of the kids. As I backed up I thought of my father. He often left the house the same way. It was only a dinner and a movie I told myself.

I drove uncertainly to the restaurant in Palo Alto on the El Camino Real. After parking in the lot I sat in the car. Should I go in or not? It was only nervous stalling. I knew I was going in. Out of the car I walked swiftly to the entrance, my heels clicking on the pavement in the mini dress he had bought. I started to pull open the heavy brass door with its beveled windows but the maître d' rushed to assist and opened it. In the foyer he asked if I was alone or meeting someone. I mumbled to meet someone. He informed me in a confidential manner he was waiting. He guided me to his booth. Edward must have tipped him to look for my arrival, courteous in detail as always. When he saw me stroll behind the maître d' as I scanned booths searching he knew I was his for the night. I knew it too in my heart but my mind said no, I was there to socialize with a man I enjoyed talking to who understood me. When I saw him unease swept up. As he got up he said he was so happy I came which his broad smile confirmed. My fears dissipated. His voice mesmerized me. I sat in the chair pulled out for me and smiled back as it was slid forward to the table. I too, was glad I came.

We ate lobster which he insisted I try. He ordered wine by the bottle, a rose’. He could pronounce the French name. It was all new to me. We talked but I did most of it. I stopped now and then thinking I sounded stupid but he kept the conversation going. Afterward we shared a flan brulee, another first for me. I was naively impressed as the blue flame burned down and dark cream from a little silver pot was poured on by the attentive waiter.

Finished and relaxed by wine, which I drank more than my share, we strolled to the adjacent Cineplex. While watching the movie I let him put his arm around me. I put my hand on his knee and then his thigh. Soon we were waiting for, “The End”. At the last scene we got up and I let him hold my hand for the first time as we walked to the lobby. There he turned me toward him and asked if I would stop for a glass of wine so he could show me his place. I knew the implication but rationalized it was just for wine and I would drive home.

I called my husband in the lobby phone booth. After assured the kids were in bed asleep I told him I was going to be late. He asked why but I said just a little longer and he countered, “Be home by midnight!” His reply made me nervous but as I hung up I knew it did not matter. I was going.

I told Edward I was ready see his place and have wine, only one glass. He walked me to my car, our Dodge Dart, not the station wagon. I followed his Porsche closely to his apartment complex near Stanford. I again became nervous as the influence of the dinner wine wore off. He parked on the street to accompany me to his apartment. I was awkward getting out of my car and stumbled a bit in my heels walking next to him. I clutched my purse and held my elbows to avoid his holding my hand. It was a large, new, 1970’s two story, upscale townhouse complex. We strolled past a pool and club house. I heard swimmers splashing and laughing and smelled the chlorine. It was a warm California evening with a full moon. Once past the pool the smell of hibiscus mingled with redwood and eucalyptus trees. I kept telling myself, “One glass and leave”. My heart pounded as we approached his front door.

He unlocked the door and swung it open with one hand. I hesitated, stepped in and crossed the threshold, my cheeks afire and faint with uncertainty. It was my first time alone with a man other than my husband. I looked downward and then raised my head to scan the room. I was relieved to see no sign of another tenant. There was a large fish tank. I went and stared at it, pretending to admire the fish. I was not only nervous but scared. I still held my elbows with arms crossed, purse dangling. He went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of red wine while I stared at fish. He poured two glasses and handed me one. I released the grip of my elbows to receive it, partially disarming myself. I still clutched my purse in front with the other. I took a long sip, then another until it was gone.

He smiled when I handed him the empty glass and said,

“Which fish do you like?”

I replied,

“The little blue and red one fluttering its tail.”

He said,

“It’s a male guppy. It flutters its tail to attract females.”

He showed me a little frog hiding in one corner on a lily pad. More relaxed with wine, he showed me the apartment. The kitchen and living room floated briefly before my gaze. He refilled my wine glass. I only noticed everything was clean and orderly except for medical texts on a table and there was no evidence of another. He had told me he had no roommate or girlfriend.

The last room was his bedroom, on the second level. I knew I should not go up the stairs. He was relaxed and calm as if it was just part of the apartment. He gently held my wrist of the hand clutching my purse and led me up, as if to protect me. I concentrated on balancing the wine glass. At the landing I peered into the room. There was a large water bed, a dresser, night stand and more medical textbooks on a book case wall. Holding my wrist he led me into the room. The bedroom had its own bathroom. I stared at the water bed. I had never been on one. He dimmed the light halfway, turned to me, took my purse, my last protective shield, and set it on the night stand. I stood defenseless holding the wine glass. He guided the rim to my lips. I took a long sip while he tilted the glass back and held the sweaty palm of my other hand.

He took the glass from my lips and set it next to my purse. He gently kissed my wine moistened lips and turned me around. I smelled his after shave. I stared immobilized out of the open door down the stairwell at the lighted fish tank. I only had to step forward, walk down to the fish tank and through the front door to leave. I knew if I remained standing he was going to undress me. I remained motionless, my back to him. I changed my gaze from the fish tank down to the red polish on my toe nails sticking out front of my shoes. He kissed the nape of my neck. The pearl on the dangling earring caressed where he kissed when he pulled back. I closed my eyes and arched my head back. He pulled the dress zipper down and slid it past my shoulders. It dropped to my ankles, a silken wrap around my shoes. He turned me around and smiled. I stood open before him, faint in anticipation, my mind unsure I was there. He stepped me out of the dress and led me to the bed. I obeyed meekly.

It was a large water bed, then the “new” in thing. He sat me on the padded edge, kneeled down and took off my shoes, un-strapping one and sliding it off, then the other. He set them together under the night stand. He got up and reached around to unhook my bra. I turned my head and raised one hand to resist. He retreated, turned my face to him, kissed me, his tongue flickered into my parted lips. He pressed me close, reached back and unhooked the bra. He pulled back, slid the shoulder straps down to my elbows, gently raised one limp hand covering a breast and pulled the strap past and then the other. He draped the bra over my purse. I waited; arms re-crossed over naked breasts before him and stared down again at my red toe nails. I remembered putting on the polish. There was a smudge mark on the left middle toe. I could not see it but remembered missing a brush stroke and attempting to clean the smudge with a Kleenex.

He held my head and raised my gaze to his face. He smiled, put his arms on my shoulders, tilted my back down onto the bed, rose, picked up my feet by the heels and swung my legs on. I felt the warmth of the heated water and undulated to the waves caused by my lying down, arms still crossed. I was adrift.

He slowly closed the door. Neither of us spoke in the dim light. He undressed unhurriedly while I lay, breasts covered by crossed arms, naked except for panties, hair trussed over the pillow, earrings dangling along the sides of my neck in tandem with the water bed movement.

When he stood up to undress I saw his penis pressing against a pant leg. When he removed them and then his shorts it stood straight out erect. It swayed to and fro as he moved about. I thought this male guppy had attracted his female. He continued to take his time despite arousal until fully naked, including socks. He placed his clothes neatly on a chair with the shirt draped over the back, his shoes underneath, socks tucked in his shoes, the ones I had selected. He went to the base of the bed, climbed on and knelt before me. Getting on the bed generated new undulations. My head and his erect penis rose and fell with the water. He slid forward, straddled my legs with his, climbed above me until his face was to mine and kissed me a few times on the mouth. I could feel his hard penis brush against my legs as he moved forward and then press against my pelvis, still protected by my panty while he kissed me.

He rose up, lifted my arms protecting my breasts, examined my long red finger nails, kissed my breasts, backed down, knelt before my feet and slowly pulled off the panty. Despite my mind saying no, I arched my buttocks to assist. He pulled it over my feet and brought it to his face then dropped it next to my shoes. He reached down to my ankles and spread my legs while I protested meekly. Open before him, he dropped his face to my vulva, cradled my buttocks in his elbows and reached up and held my breasts. My hands held his head; my knees were up. I was open.

The doctor knew his anatomy. He first kissed my labia lips and searched for my clitoris. Once found he twirled it with his tongue and tugged on it with his lips. I kept moaning no, while arching up to his twirling tongue. My hands clutched the back of his head. I pressed his mouth and tongue forcibly to my vagina and experienced an intense organism shouting denials as my head swayed to and fro on the pillow, earrings caressing cheeks and neck. With my last quiver he raised his head. I saw his approving smile in the half light. He moved up, lay next to me and let me relax while holding my hand. We said nothing. Once serene again he rolled above me, kissed me, kissed my breasts and went back down to my clitoris until I was ready for his entry.

I had brought a condom I snuck from home which was in my purse but out of reach on the night stand. I panicked. I did not want to interrupt and rummage in my purse nor appear I had planned the evening’s outcome. A wave of relief flowed over me as he reached over, opened the night stand drawer, pulled one out and rolled it on. With his penis shielded I arched my hips up, legs spread, vagina wet and ready for his entry. I no longer was hesitant or coy. I wanted him inside me. He entered as if we were in slow motion to the hilt. I dropped my buttocks back on the bed. He was in. The warmth of his penis pressing up in my vagina filled me. It shuddered with pleasure. I moaned, yes. He began slowly moving in and out, steadily increasing the tempo until fast and furious with his back arched, his pelvis thumping mine. He held my hands down into the covers while staring at me from above. I closed my eyes while he nailed me to the bed. I experienced 2 affirmative moaning orgasms with the latter just as he climaxed in a spasm. It was my most intense sexual experience up until then.

We lay spent, he on top, cheek to cheek. The water undulations receded from our spasm of movements. With the bed calm he slid out his withered penis, rolled off me, slid off the condom and dropped it on the floor. We lay next to one another, holding hands, content. Once the wave motions again subsided he rose up and said,

“Let’s have tea. I will make us a pot.”

The bed again undulated as the water adjusted to his absence. He went to the chair and slid on his pants but took a fresh shirt out of the closet. He closed the door behind him.

I was unfamiliar with getting out of a water bed. After a few wave bounces I put my legs over the edge and sat on the padded railing. I grabbed a pillow and hugged it for cover. I reached over and quietly slid open the nightstand drawer. I peeked at the open condom box. I was pleased to see it was a box of 3 and there were 2 left. His closing the door allowed me to arise naked, unobserved. The spent condom lay rumpled on the floor. I carried my purse, bra, panties and dress to the bathroom and locked the door. I quietly opened the medicine cabinet to check for any female items but there were none. It was bare except for tooth brush, tooth paste and shaving stuff. I smiled thinking the “doctor’s” medicine cabinet held no medicine. I noticed his after shave on the basin counter. It was an expensive brand.

There was a towel and soap bar. I showered, dried off and dressed. I opened my purse, put a dab of perfume on and reapplied lipstick. I picked up my shoes next to the night stand, went to the chair, pushed aside his socks and underwear and put them on. I noticed unlike my husband he wore boxer trunks. It felt safe dressed again.

I hesitated a moment at the bedroom door, opened it quietly, slipped down the stairs and to the kitchen. I sat at the table and looked over to the fish tank. He smiled with the tea ready and handed me a cup as if I was in a tea shop, not just out of his bedroom. We sat quietly with our tea. There was nothing to add to the experience. We talked about the movie neither of us had paid attention to. I was mostly silent uncertain as to what I just experienced.

Once the tea was gone I said,

“I need to go now. If I don’t I am afraid my car will turn into a pumpkin.”

I needed to get home as I worried about the time and my husband’s last words of being home by midnight. It was already 15 after.

He smiled understandingly and walked me to the car. We kissed goodbye and kissed again. He held me as we stood next to the car. I finally broke free and got in. He stood watching me as I left. I drove home in awe on the El Camino Real. At each of its frequent stops I thought anew of what had just occurred. It was surreal but then again it did happen.

As I approached my turn off in Mountain View and then to my driveway I became more and more nervous meeting my husband. It was 1 AM when I pulled into the driveway. I knew, however, I was seeing Edward again.


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