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      Music, Love, Military and Miles


I'll begin this story on a sick day, browsing the internet for music on Tumblr. "Maroon 5" had always been my favorite band, and to find a man with that same love was quite difficult. That's how I met Steven. Mind you, he's six years older than me and I'm a senior in high school. And he is the best thing that's ever happened to me. We began with a simple message of myself acknowledging our similarities and introduced ourselves. We began our relationship as simply, just friends. I had given my number to him, hoping and praying he wasn't some creeper. Thankfully, he wasn't. At that time I had just enlisted into the Army and he was attempting to join the Navy. Unfortunately, he had been denied and to my own selfish needs, I'm glad. From that friendship blossomed a mutual crush and a love that I could never compare. In order to ask me out, he posts a picture of him, holding a notebook that says, "Rachelle, will you go out with me?" and that night, I take the picture and write "YES" all over it and post it back. Steven is visiting in the summer, and I plan to go to college in the city closest to him. We've talked about marriage and children; but unfortunately, I was shocked by the news that an injury I had suffered made me unable to have children. He wasn't deferred at all, saying we could adopt instead. With a distance between us of 1800+ miles and countless skype calls, nothing has broken us apart.


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