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      The Unforgettable Moon


The Unforgettable Moon

I still remember that day when I met her for the first time, The sun stared at the world without pause through the crystal clear sky, The heat radiating from the streets soon created an atmosphere of an oven. Many people sought comfort from the heat by eating ice cream or drinking chilled beverages. Sweat rolled off their foreheads like liquid beads, darkening their happened in Bhubaneswar, It was the starting of spring in early January,but I hate this city because of its climate,it was hot and I was about to meet her,standing in front of hotel.

I really prayed a lot when I saw her photo 1st time and wanted always to be with her,and it all just happened I was in cloud nine when I proposed her and she accepted.

She was looking pretty, from far I recognized her whatever she explained during the late night calls,it was not late night calls it was always continued till early morning or till she get sleep while talking to me. She had a cute smile,we were meeting for the 1st time. We were sitting in my bed ,That was 12th feb I took my lips near to her ear ,slowly crawled my finger over her ear hair and whispered” baby .. no matter what, I am always there for you, you know that I have loved you so much more than what you’d ever imagined love is, and that it can neither be measured nor weighed?", I will never ever leave you alone”. I kissed her gently. She smiled and I thought she also loved me more than my love for her.

And after 1 year of relationship,Now I realize it was all fake, there was no love existed , she never had a feelings for me.

Few days before,I looked into her eyes, her eyes never leaving mine .. I knew there was something she wanted me to know .. just my ears he did not want it to travel from my nerves to brain and ask him cross-questions .. I wanted to say her it was all right .. and whatever was her problem we both could conquer it down .. but I decided that I would never dodge her to say it to me .. I wanted her-self to say it to me - at least when she thought she could trust me on it . I know she will never tell me that she had a greater feeling for someone than me.but the truth is she has.

Knowing the fact that she does not love me,it was just an infatuation and she need to realize, I really don’t know why I am unable to forget her, I know there is nothing in this relationship that she could do,it was not her mistake.

Everytime I am also killing my feelings,I am unable to stop expressing my feelings to her, I always wanted to be with her, wanted to laugh at her innocence , never wanted to keep her away from my arms.

I still remember those days ,”Ash ..I need a hug like oxygen" saying this she’d fall on me and kiss me.. the type of kiss that could heal pain away and turn sorrow into joy when she usually comes from office .She was all but everything an ideal man would have ever dreamed off ..and I've always considered myself lucky for having seen the best laugh in the world .

Her smile is the most attractive smile I have ever seen, I never let her sit without a smile.

But now things have changed ,I always wait for her to hug me , she always hesitated, I forgot when last time she felt like I am kissing her. May be now she is realizing whatever she is doing is wrong , she is just feeling like she is cheating everyone.

Now I just wanted you to know that you have been the perfect girl of my dreams, the one that had given me the colors of my life when the entire world was dark .. whenever you do feel lonely shut your lashes down and I’d be there in front of you .. holding you tight like your guardian angel .. till you find your perfect man .. There is nothing to worry because time heals pain and you’ll surely get on with your life .

Love you….Jiten….


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