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      Happy valentines day



Wanted to share my love story

I met my wife in high school she was fifteen and I was seventeen. her beautiful personality just was so awesome ,she would light up a room.We started going out in high school and fell madly in love for each other. We were inseperable.We started living together and after being saved ,we decided to get married by church and be right with god.i was never a believer ,my wifes love for me made me change my ways ,she would always pray for me.I loved that woman with all my heart,but I never treated like a princess,sometimes you take things for granted .You see my wife ,the love of my life,had a heart attack may 2010,never recovered had severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain.She spent six weeks in icu,I never left her side only to pay bills and shower at home.finally she was moved to a nursing home,there was nothing that could be done,she was in a coma,i checked on her twice a day or when I couldn’t ,we had family members would visit.not for one moment did I feel overwhelmed because my love for her was bigger.We celebrated Christmas,valentines day, her birthday and our wedding anniversary at the nursing home. My kids and I would visit her some times and she would know who we were only for a couple of night when I would leave I would leave the radio on for her on 95.9 the fish .oct 2011 her health was failing,decided to bring her home .she came home nov22,2011. MY kids and I where so happy that finally shes home even if its only a while.i spoiled my wife

With her favorite perfume from victotria secrets,bought her shirts ,no more gowns,new comforters purple was her favorite color,two Christmas trees and Christian music and the radio station all the time.theyre was a moment on thanks giving day that my kids were playing on the bed and my wife turns her head towards them and tears were coming out.i felt so helpless .dec 22.2011 around 2.00 am I knew my wife was going home.her arms and legs were getting purple.i was up all night taking care of her around 8 am I told my kids not to go to school ,cause I knew it was going to be soon.around 9.30 am I started to pray with kids and to ask the lord to help her daughter because she was suffering.Dec,22,2011 at 10.45am was surround by all her kids,and I was holding her hand ,I told her not to worry about the kids that I would take care of them and I told her I loved her ,then she took her last breathe at 10.48 wife of thirty years was such a beautifull person on the inside and out.I say why me but better to say why not me I am no better than no one else.I thank god for carrying me and my kids thru the fire and never letting go.honey happy valentines day I LOVE YOU


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