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      A thesis love story


It was my 4th year in college, one of our requirements are to submit a thesis, we're 3 in a group (all girls). we need to look for a company that we could conduct our study, we do some research in the net to look what company will provide us a good response,until we find a company that we are sure it is fit for our study..... (a company that is quite far from our school).

While doing our study on that company we met this guy, he's very nice, charming and very kind.... He help us to finish our study, we're chatting on the phone everyday, sometimes we talked about our personal lives and enjoyed chatting with him to the point that i forgot i was heart broken with my long time ex boyfriend. He makes laugh, he makes me happy. Until one night he came to my boarding house, he don't have any idea where my boarding house was located at, i just gave him the landmark, Honestly, I thought he's just joking then after 20-30 mins., he's called me and said he's already there, i felt nervous and so much "kilig". When I'm inside his car, he hold my hands and we go somewhere romantic place. By that time, i felt how kind and sweet he is.

Everyday, he's calling me... until i felt in love with him...

Until the defense of our thesis our done and i had my OJT in MANILA for how many months, he's still the same.. he's checking if I'm ok... sometimes, he's calling me 4 am or when I go to my boarding house in the province he go there to visit me even its already too late...

Everything for me is PERFECT when my friend(the one who had her OJT on the company we had our thesis) called me and said the guy I love has already his own family, I was so shock but then, I want to prove if it is true... until the confrontation time came and he said "YES". I can't explain what I really felt that time but there is one thing on my mind, i can't change the pass...I love him even though it's wrong. I didn't force my self to leave him by that time but I promised my self time will come and I can say "i'm so done with you".

After that, everything has changed. until the time came, the feelings i felt before for him was not the same... I know no one could help me with this situation except my self, though its not a good experienced, I have no regret that I felt in love with him, because he showed how special I am to him, he do respect me also. By this time, we still have communication.... AS a friend.


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