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      No room to heal


I was in heaven. I'd met the perfect guy. Romantic, intelligent, musical, fantastic in bed. There was nothing I could wish for more in a partner.

He told me how wonderful I was, how I rocked his world, made him happier than he'd ever been, how I was good for his soul.

I'd known him for some time; he was in the same circle of friends as me and we'd hung around together for ages. I'd never really thought of taking it any further before. But one night we went to the pub. We flirted like we always did, but this time it was different. At the end of the evening he took me home and it was amazing.

Six weeks later, we were still having a great time together. We'd meet for lunch and sneak off to the woods for a while, making love under the trees.

We spent one whole day in bed, laughing, making love. He fell asleep in my arms and I was truly smitten. I was overwhelmed by the strength of feelings I had for him. The following weekend a large group of us were going away together. We talked of our planned weekend of passion. But it was not to be.

Friday night we spent making out, kissing and teasing, watching the sun rise together, everything was perfect. Come Sunday my heart had been ripped out through my stomach.

Late on Saturday night he had disappeared. We were all sitting around getting drunk and I didn't think much of it, until Sunday.

Sunday morning was beautiful, warm and sunny. A perfect day for being in love. But then I found out that he had not spent the night with me because he'd been with my daughter. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. Even though she knew about us, she wanted to be with him and felt that it was her turn to be happy.

He told me how sorry he was, how he wished he had realised before, how he didn't want to upset me, but he didn't think I was going to mind as we'd just been a bit of fun.

Now I feel betrayed by them both. I can't sleep, or eat. Every time I close my eyes, I see his face.

But he wants to be with her. I knew having teenagers was no picnic, but I never realised they could cause so much heartbreak.

I love them both, but don't know how to deal with this. I hate them both too. I hate how happy they are together. It just reminds me how we were before she seduced him.

There's no room to heal. Everywhere I go, they're together. At home they're together.

There's no escape, no release from this pain.


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