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      A picture that was meant for ever


my friend came into my house this afternoon. he was just through with a break up.

"yeah,anyway im free from that bitch" he said crashing on my bed.

"hey man why did you break up with her"

"well so many reasons. 1 is that she takes two hours to get ready when we go out"

"so you broke her heart because she wanted you to have the most pretty girl around?" i said

"well... no its not only that she used to get really angery when i talk to the other girls"

"so you broke her heart because she wanted you to commit to her"

"uh... well... oh my god what have i done"

"listen dude this has to stop. how many girls did you break up with like this"

"6" he said with sigh

i shook my head in discust. he always thought he was the ack leader. now i have to go to her house and say sorry for his behaveiour again. i went to her house and rang the door bell. she came out, her eyes red as blood. her face soaked with tears

"amanda. im so sorry for dereks behaveiour. he does'nt deserve you" i said

"jack. your my best friend. my only friend now, and i want us to be more"

"amanda i... i cant derek wants to say hes sorry for hurting you. he wants you back"

"im not going with that asshole again!"

i smiled. i loved amanda ever since i saw her, and now she wants us to be more than friends.

"ok amanda" i smiled "lets be more than friends. i hugged her and said everything is going to ok. we kissed. and kissed untill we were drunk from eachother


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