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      Love hurts


the boy loved her. the girl ignored him. the boy did everything for her. the girl did nothing. the boys heart hurt so bad when she broke up with him. how he cried. he did'nt want to live anymore because he has nothing to live for. then 7 years later when the boy was a man he meet her on the bus. he did'nt want to talk to her, she probley forgot about him. but him? no he kept her in his mind always, never letting go. he sat in front of her. he knew she did'nt realize it was him. the bus started moveing picking up new faces. and dropping old ones. then all of a sudden a gang came on to the bus. yelling and playing loud music. they looked at her.

"daymmm now see boys theres a honey worth banging" said the leader of the gang.

"listen i dont want any trouble just leave me alone" her voice came back.

"haha see boys i did'nt know bitches could talk"

the man had heard enough.

"hey asshole why dont you leave her alone huh?" he shouted.

the leader looked at the man.

"who do you think you are" he whisperd into his ear.

the man saw his chance. he grabed his shirt and punched him in the face before throwing him into his gang. they all fell over like dominos." get out of this bus" the man shouted.

" you alright?" he said turning to the women.

"yes thank you. victor has been bothering me for a mounth now"

"victor? you know him"

"yeah.. he used to be my 3rd boyfriend"

"oh ok"

"you remind me of someone"

"oh... who"

"one of my boyfriends. my best boyfriend actully. i just want to see him one time so i can say im sorry"

"apolodgy accepted" said the man smiling

"wait you really are him arent you!!"

"hey amanda"

"john? umm hey woww this is awkward ummm "

"oh ok if you want me to go i can...."

"oh no thats fine, so whats up with your life"

"mine? ahh well terrible, meserible, stupit,lonley" he sighed how about yours"

"oh... well to be honest me to"

"amanda why did you break up with me?

"paul i... i did'nt feel like i deserved you anymore. for what you did for me and what i did for you... theres a whole lot difference"

they talked and things became more friendly and finaly they became boyfriend and girlfriend again. then two years later paul propsed. they are now liveing in new york in the USA

that boy was me


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