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      Sad love story


there was once a boy and girl who were the best of friends. they did everything together.but the boy loved the girl. he loved her so much he did'nt want to tell her because he was afraid that he might ruin their friendship. to him that was most importent. but one day someting happend. the girl calls the boy on his cell phone.

"hey hector" she said in a happy voice.

"oh hey julia whats up :)"

"nothing much... hey i have awsome news"

"what it it?"

" i just met this guy on a chatroom on the internet" she said. " hes so cute! and i think i have fallen for him and we are meeting in a cinema in town"

the boy sat there still as a statue. he could'nt belive what he was hearing.

"hector?... you there"

"oh.. yeah sorry i was busy. wow thats cool i gotta go now sorry bye. have fun"

"oh ok thanks bye hector"

the boy hung up and cried so much his eyes felt the water fall on to his eyes. "its ok hector" he cried "feel happy for her i mean i dont think she even likes me" he went down and turned on the tv. the news man said:

BEWARE A MAN NAMED MATT IS FOOLING YOUNG GIRLS INTO THINKING HES A 14 YEAR OLD BOY. BUT THEN HE CALLS THEM TO A CINEMA AND RAPES THEM AFTER THAT HE KILLS THEM hector frooze. could that be the same matt that julia meet?.... it could'nt be could it? he did'nt take any chances he took his coat and rused to the cinema. when he got there he could'nt see julia or the man named matt. he tried calling her but she did'nt pick up. then he heard a crying noise comeing from an allyway not far from him. he ran to it. when he got there he saw julia lyeing on the floor crying.

"julia. are you ok? what did he do to you" hector screamed when he got to her.

julia screamed as the man or matt got a hold of hector.

"stay out of this kid2 he shouted as he pushed him against a wall.

the man then took out a gun. ready to fire at julia.

he pulled the trigger. then ran. julia felt for the blood. there was none. then all of a sudden she heard a groan from hector. who had jumped in front of the bullet when the man tried to shot.


hector just groaned.

"hector please.... please dont do this to me" julia said as tears fell from her eyes.

"j...ju...julia theres... something i need to tell... you" said hector his voice weak and raspy.

"anything hector anything"

"j.. julia i love you. i've loved you since day 1. i was afraid to tell you because i thought it would ruin the relesonship"

"hector i need to tell you something ... i love you to"

they stared at eachother then slowly kissed. hector felt the life tickle out of him.

"julia... i dont have much time" he said grabinging where the bullet hit him he put his hand into his pocket and gave her a note.

"here.. this"

"hector i love you!!"

"ju...julia i... lo....."


no response.

"hector?... hector please dont die on me hector" she said but then she knew it was to late. she slowly stood up and read the note he had given her. it read : julia you are the most prettyest and most beautyiful girl i ever met. the years we have known eachother were my best years of my life. i hope they last forever. julia theres something i need to tell you. i love you more than anything. and i hope you do the same. i would die for you baby! i love you will you go to the prom with me ? :)

she read the last of the sentance and looked at him then looked back. " yes hector. yes i will go to the prom with you"


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