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      Playing hard to get (4 day story)


Hi I'm Yna. I was young then, I worked at a supermarket as my summer job. I'm with my friend, iyence. of course, as teenagers it's not impossible to have an interest with boys. We are flirting with some of the guys who are cute of course! yet, I was linked to Mark. he is also working there for the summer. I don't like him.

One evening, Thursday, I was waiting for my mom to pick us up then a guy came along. My friend and I were like..." he works here?!" well, he is wearing the uniform but we didn't really know him. He is so cute but the most amazing feature in him is his eyes. The day after that I told all the cashiers I liked him. I found out his name, Allan. He had the courage to approach me and be friends. We had nice conversations and he even courted me. The problem is, I like playing games. I acted as if I didn't like him. You know, playing hard to get.

Tuesday morning I went to work, one cashier told me " Allan wants to say hi!" I felt good but then she said "He doesn't work here any more, he got fired because of tardiness" I was like what!? its been only 4 days since we chatted. I am so pissed I didn't even give him my phone number. I thought he would be there for good. Whatever is the reason he got fired I don't care I just want to see him again.

I miss him so much even now. I want to turn back time and change what I did.


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