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      Blood lines part 1


i looked down the street.the street which used to be my life, my playground. a place where i could play with friends. but now, things have changed. a deadly new virus has sweeped the city, its called xonia. xonia is a disease that makes people into a flesh eating monter. a zombie. as i looked down the street i saw my old house there, untouched by the plague. i started to walk down the lonely street, looking for any of those zombies guys. i opened the door to my house when i got there.

"hello?" i said as i entered. no response.

"i guess no one is home" i said again.

i went up to my sisters bedroom first, she has always been there for me. when those blood bags took her away from me i just went mental. now i have to calm down and live my live.

i searched her bedroom for anything useful i could find. only some pictures, hair rollers,candy,colour pencils and a dress. i looked at the dress, it was always her best one. i smiled at the memorises. then i went into my mom and dads room. it was same as my sisters but different stuff dad always had a pistol in the drawer. i wanted to find it. i searched every drawer in the room, and after a long while i found it. it was a small Glock 19. perfect for puting a bullet in the blood bags faces or aka the zombies. i took it and checked how much ammo it had. only 16 rounds, but hey its better than nothing. i was about to go out of the house when i heard a loud scream. HELP!! i rushed out to find who said that. and down the road i saw a boy not much older than me getting chased by the blood bags.

" hey come over here" i shouted

"ok im comeing" he replied back he was the fasted runner i have ever seen.

"when you reach here crouch quickly and put your hands to your ears" i shouted as i took aim

"yeah no problem buddy"

he ran then ducked when he came in front of me. i took aim on the blood bags and fired. each bullet hit them in there head.

"yeehaww that was some mighty fine shooting there buddy" he said in a Texas accent.

"no problem, anytime" i replied.

"whats your name pal?"

"hector, hector williams"

" nice to meet ya hector my names timmy but you can call me tim" he said as he sat down on on of the front staries.

"soo how long where you going on like this" i said when i sat down beside him.

"what you mean"

"like dodgeing zombies and trying to survive"

"ah about maby 3 weeks, when they took my sister i just wanted to give those dead freaks a lesson. but you see i cant fire for shit"

"oh im sorry for you loss tim, i lost my sister aswell"

"thanks man.... well do you know where we are going next" he said.

"nope i just go where the wind takes me, oh by the way where the hell is your weapon?" i said

"oh i dont have one"

"hang on a sec im gonna get you something" i said when i went back into the house.

"ok man, but dont take to long"

i went inside and went up to my dads room again

"were is it" i said to my self

"ahhh there she is" i said as i picked up my dads prized possession. a samuri sword.

"happy birthday tim, hope you like it" i said with a smile when i came out.

"hec... is that for me?" he said with a stutter

"you bet it is, now come on we need to go before it gets dark. i think i know of a place where we can set up camp"

"ok then, lead the way"

darco looked out the window, he only saw rain.

"yeah, rain thats all this city is famous for" he siad with a sigh.

"darco?" a voice came.

"yes boss"

"i need you to go outside and fix the generator. it has broken again" the boss said.

"oh.. but... but.."

"NO BUTS JUST DO IT" the boss screamed.

"ok ok i will" darco said as he ran outside.

he went to the back of the building, to an old generator that was just sitting there.

"ok lets see what we have here" darco said as he opened a panel.

"hmmm the wire has been cut , looks like roger has been at it again"

darco fixed the wire. he was always good at the techy stuff.

"good work darco" frank said one of the bosses other men.

"thanks frankie"

"listen darco we need you to do one last favour for us. then we will leave you alone for the rest of the day" said boss

"ok ok boss what is it" he sighed.

"we need you to go down to that Tesco there and bring supplies back" said boss comeing down the staries.

"WHAT but ... but thats sucide i cant go down there"

" you can just try not to bring any attention to your self"

"ok ok boss you want me to go now "

2yes right now, we dont have much supplies"

"ok... well wish me luck"

me and tim reached a Tesco. we could'nt see any blood bags around so we decided to check it out.

" hey now this is what im talking about" tim said as he ran into the store.

i could only shake my head and laugh as he ran to a Coco-cola section, and take one of the bottles and drink it.

"man theres nothing more nice in the world than a big cool bottle of coke" he said when he finnised.

"we better get as much as we can from here before we leave, we dont have any food or water" i said as i took a look around.

"yeah yeah yeah, ill be at the coke section if you need me" he said as he ran off for some more coke.

"hahaha ok ok dont take to long mate" i said back. i put some bread,chocolates,coke and water in to my bag. tim on the other hand filled his bag with coke.

"uhh i think you had enough coke there mate" i laughed

"hector you can never have to much coke. it is a gift from god"

"yeah yeah right, now can we...." i stopped at mid sentance when i saw a boy with dark hair and a tatterd coat come towards us.

" wow wow wow wow, stop right there pal" i said as i pointed the gun at him.

"take it easy mate, dont do anything stupid" he replied back with his hands in the air.

"whats your name kid" i said

"darco ballisky"

"well darco mind telling me what you are doing here?"

"umm well i was sent by my boss to get supplies from this here Tesco"

"yeah well, hard luck buddy we picked it clean"

listen i dont mean you any harm, i just want to get away from my boss. he is a dick..... can i come with you, please"

"well i dont know, what you think tim should we let him come"

tim was busy drinking another coke.


"huh.. what" he replied with a burp.

"should ... we... let... him... come" i siad getting annoyed

"oh yeah sure we could always use an extra guy" he said going back to his coke.

"tim do you ever stop drinking that stuff?"

"nope i've been drinking this for 7 years, i cant stop now"

"yeah figures" i said "ok darco you can come".

"really? oh thank you thank you thank you" he said

"ok theres just one thing that occured to me chaps" tim said as he finnished the coke.

"whats that" i said

"well ..... where the hell are we"

i thought to my self and realized he was right. we had entered unknown territory.

we met two more kides on our way, sam and warren.brothers, only 13 years old.sam was a vehicle expert. he could tear down a car and put it back together again. warren was a weapon expert. he knew guns inside out, i thought they could come in handy in our situwation.

"sam" i said

"yeah" he replied

"do you see that car over there?"

"yeah the BMW"

"yeah, you think you can get it to work?"

"i can try it depends"

"ok, darco me and sam will go out to the car and check it out. warren stay with tim and cover us... oh and make sure he does not drink any more coke" i said

"ha you got it boss"

we went to the car in crouched postion.

"umm yeah this car can still go but it has a low fuel ammout" said sam

"ok we will find a gas station on the way" i said as i signalled the others.

"ok everyone get it. sam your driveing, warren your gonna load the boot, tim your rideing shotgun and darco you look out for any ambushes while we are driveing"i said impressed with my leadership skills.

"ok boss" darco said back

"dammit" said sam

"what is it this time"

"umm the car does not have any keys in it"

"oh come on, ok fine guys check all the dead bodies lyeing around on the road here. one of them has got to own this Biemer"

we searched and searched and finaly warren found the keys on a dead bussiness man in a suite.

"good work warren. ok lets get this baby started and on the road" i said

we drove very slow. not wanting to waste the fuel we had.

"take a left, theres a gas station over here" said tim.

we pulled over to a Topaz gas station. "ok darco and warren fill the car up. the rest of you follow me and grab what you can get from the shop"

it was dark as hell in it. there was no lights, when suddenly i remmebered i had a torch on my phone. i shined it down the shop and i could see hunderds of coke can bottles on the floor

"tim dont even think about it. they may be rotten" i said

"fine fine, i wont touch them"he sighed


we looked in the shop,all we could find was garbage bags, and food. rotten food that is. when all of a sudden i found my self looking into a barrel of a gun

"put your hands up, you flity maggot"the person said. it was a girl.

"lora?" i said tears running dwon my face

"hec... hector"

she lowered her gun and hugged me.

"oh im so glad your ok" she said.

"what you think i cant take care of my self" i said with a smile.

"umm yeah we still exist hector" said tim.

"oh yeah haha i forgot. lora i want you to meet tim,warren,dorco and sam"

"looks like you got quite some team here " she said after she finnished shakeing their hands.

"guys meet lora, my sister" i said "what are you doing down here anyway"

"well what does it look like, im trying to survive"

"oh.. and hows that going for you"

"ok i guess" she sighed

"guys i dont mean to break up the party but theres a huge ammout of those things comeing at us" warren said when he pointed to a horde of zombies comeing straight for the gas station.

"ahh crap, lora get in we are out of here" i said as i ran to the car.

we got in and drove as quickly as we could.

"ok lads and gals where to next" said sam

"ummm... i heard that there was a surviveing force at the river. if we could get there we could get of this blooming city before the goverment drops a nucler bombon this place" said darco

"darco why the hell did you tell us this before" tim shouted

"i forgot sorry"

"i dont belive you darco" warren said "how do we know your telling the truth"

"well theres only one way"

"whats that"

"turn on the radio and listen for the news"

"umm... yeah i thought of that" said warren quickly turning the radio on.the radio was very faint but we could make it out.


"13 OF AUGEST? thats 8 days more!" said lora

"well looks like we have to step on the pedal" i said

we drove on for quite some time untill we got pulled over by masked kides. they took our weapons, and told us to come with them. we enterd a dark place,damp, no heating. we were all straped to a chair. turns out the leader of this party was a bloke called michlov, eastern european guy with nothing better than to kill.

"well well" she siad in a serbian accent "look what we got here"

"listen you dink, you better let us out right now or.."

"or what" he interrupted "we have all of you over here. theres no chance of escape"

"we dont want any trouble, just let us go" tim said

"well, well what do we have hear, a ginger headed douchebag huh?" he siad. the whole of his team laughed.

"hey why dont you leave him alone"lora said

"and what do we have here. wow you aure are sexy" he said as he touched my sisters hair.

"get the hell away from my friends sister,you eastern european craphead" tim had shouted. the whole gang had looked him.

"what did you just say" michlov said before he took out a small swiss army knife.

" you want to kill me? go ahead its not like i want to live" tim said. i was impressed bye his courage.

"wow this guy has balls huh boys, well do you have courage for this" michlov said

he stuck his knife into tims eys

"ARGGGGGGG " tim screamed

"what the hell man leave him alone"sam shouted

"oh you want some aswell" michlov shouted back. he took a pistol and shot sam in the head. causeing him to fall of his chair,blood ozing.

"why did you do that, you basterd im goning to make you pay for that" i said i tryed to pull the ropes out with my hands but they were to tight.


"oh i see the bitch wants some aswell" he said with a loud laugh. he shot her too in the head.


"hahaha how can you kill me"

at that point a sniper bullet went through the window and hit michlov in his shoulder. his gang scatterd like chickens. the whole building lit up with flares and kides with assult rifles comeing in. i felt like i was a German officer in world war 2, when i saw the ammout of robbers linded up with their hands behind their heads. sadly they were exceuted by a other kid with a pistol. on bye one.

a guy came up to me and untied me,tim and warren and darco

"wow looks like you guys were haveing it rough" he said when he looked at sam and lora.

i ran to lora. there was no chance she could survive. the guy called for 2 kides to come and take the bodies away. after the clean up he came to me and asked. "what the hell happend over here"

i could'nt speak my sister was gone, no longer with us.

"hey" he said "i know she was your sister but you have to let it go now"

"hey boss the leader is still alive" a kid shouted from where the chairs were. " you want me to kill him?"

"no... bring him to me" i said. i wanted revange.

"ok hold on" he said

he came back with michlov holding his shoulder. i stood up and said to the guy "i want my revange"

"ok hector i understand i wont bother you but dont kill him. we need him alive" he said as he walked away

"well well well,who do we have here"

"fuck... you"michlov said in a fainth voice.

i kicked him in the balls.

"ahhhh you fucking bitch" he cried.

"you think that hurts? haha im not even finnished with you yet" i took his swiss army knife and put it up to his throat. "i could kill you now if i wanted to. but at least I have some control, this is for sam" i said and i stuck the knife into his eye.

"argggggggg" he screamed

"yeah how does that feel" i said loseing my cool. "and this is for lora" i took out my gun and fired at his left leg.

"please stop, im sorry" he said tears running down his face.

"no apology can make me feel better" i said and shot his right leg.

"please i beg of you stop"

" but why? im haveing fun" i said after i shot his right shoulder.

"fuck you" he said coughing blood.

"hahaha say your worst. its not like its going to help you right now" i said calmly

"hector... if you want to kill him. kill him now, it turns out we dont need him" the guy said.

"nah im haveing to much fun" i replied back " i want to make him suffer"

"as you wish" he sighed.

"now where to shot you next" i said to my self.

"please, please hector im sorry i killed your sister im...." i shot him in the head before he could finnish his sentance. "search him for anything" the guy said to on of his men.

" well hector, how do you feel now" he said

"im feeling much better, thank you for helping me"

" no problem my names mike by the way"

" nice to meet you mike" i said "hows tim doing "

he turned around and whistled to his medic.

" hey josh hows the kid doing"

"umm he took a fatal blow. but he will survive. hes pointing at that bag on the wall there" he said back and pointed to the bag where we kept all the coke. i smiled

i got up and grabbed the bag and walked over to him. " hear you go buddy. a nice cool bottle of coke" i said as i handed him one.

"thanks man" he said back.

"holy moly how many bottles of coke do you have in there " said the medic when he looked inside.

"14 and a half " tim replied

"does he always drink this much coke " he asked me

"hey" i replied back "hes been drinking for 7 years, he cant stop now " i said i opened a bottle


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