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      Love paramore


i used to hate life. my life to be exact. i used to be sucidel and cutting myself was the only thing i was good at.

you see, my father was an alcoholic so was my mother they started about 3 years ago.right now i am 15 but i could'nt take it anymore.then one day at school the teacher siad 'we have a new student in the class treat her nicely'siad mr.yern our french teacher.

there was only one seat left and that was next to me. i sighed at the thought, because i dont like talking to people.

her name was jade and when jade started to pull up the chair she siad 'hey how ya doing'

'im doing good thanks'

there was something about her, maby her voice or something that just got me, or is it her prettyness? i did'nt know all i did know was that i was starting to fall in love with her.

when the bell rang i wanted to walk her home , but i cant just say 'hey can i walk you home' on the first day we met. i had to think of something. so i decided to see which way see turned to go home. she turned left, so do i when i go home. i walked up to her pretending not to see her.

'oh hey you walk this way too'she siad with a smile.

'oh haha hello jade yes i do'i said with a laugh

'oh cool'

'yeah, so what brings you to this school' i said

'oh just family problems'

'yeah i know how thats like'

'my father is an alcoholic and my mom'

'my parents are alcoholics to'

'really? huh small world'

'ha yeah, i have a feeling we are going to be good friends in the future'i siad hopeing she would agree.

'yes i do to well theres my house i gotta go, bye jack ill see you in school tommorow' she siad as she ran off.

'bye jade'

when i got home i started to feel more and more weird about her. could i really be in love, or is this some stomack ach.i did not know.that night i sat in my room alone ready to go to bed when i hear HELP!!!! from jades house. i rush out and run to jades when i got there i saw her father pushing her out the window. i had to help her. so i opened the house door and ran up the staries i caught sight of her with her father. he was holding up a gun at her. he must be drunk.

i ran up to him put my hands over his head and twisted his neck causeing him to fall down unconcuiouse.

'sweet dreams'i said

'oh jack thank you thank you thank you'she siad crying as she huged me.

'are you ok did he hurt you?'

'no no im fine thanks'

'come on lets go to my house you cant stay here'

'jack thank you your the niceset boy i ever met'

'im just trying to help , come on lets go' i said smileing.

i put my arm around her as she put her head on my shoulder the moon was out, it was quite romantic. when we got up to my house i lay in bed as she got in with me. the next day she was up before me getting dressed. 'hey jack, listen theres no school to day cause of some meeting'she said

'oh ok no problem, how you feeling ? you alright'

'yes jack im fine thanks to you'

she came closer and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

'well i try haha'

we laughed for a bit then i had an idea.

'umm jade since theres no school today ... you wanna go to the cinema with me? i have to meet my friends'i siad

'ok theres nothing to do anyway '


i wanted it to be romantic so we can become more than friends.

we waited untill it was time i got dressed and she went home and got dressed.

when she came back she was purely beautiful.

'hey jack ready to go'she siad with a smile.

'j..ja..jade is that you? you look spectaculer'

'why thank you jack you are so sweet'

we went to the movie she quite liked it babbleing on about it every 2 minutes.. but i liked that.

'wow did you see the part where danny goes into the shop and it blows up, amazing i dont know how they do it'

when we got home i got out of the car it was night time just as i planned. i put a disco ball in my room. when we got up i pretended to be shocked.

'oi who put that thing in my room'

'wow , that is a really nice disco ball'

'may i have this dance my lady' i said as i offerd my hand.

'of course you may sir'

we danced and danced and danced for hours.

'wow you are a really nice dancer' she said out of breath

'hhaha thanks try my best'


'listen jade ummm we have known eachother for quite some time now and uhh i want us to......

she had kissed my on the lips before i could finnish my sentance.

'i love you to jack'she said with a smile.

we kissed untill we were drunk of eachother.

the next day there was'nt any school to so when i got up i decided to go out and buy some flowers for jade.

but when i came back i could'nt find her anywhere.

'hahahaha he fell for it'jade said with her friends around her.

'huh? whats going on here' i said shocked

'haha you nit you actully taught i loved you haha yeah right, please i would rather kill my self than like you'

'but.... but.... you siad you loved me' i siad tears running into my eyes.

'ha no i did'nt mean it you dipshit'

at that point i had enough i ran off to my house dropping the flowers on the ground.

i went up to the bedroom and into my bathroom, i ran some water and got in and cut myself. if i cant love anyone whats the point in liveing.

the priest read the dairy out to the church of the boy who had fallen in love and died for it

'we have sinned but this boy was a peaceful one who died for a cause he taught was right... may god bless his soul' said the priest.

'amen'said the crowd as they buried the little boy.


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