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      Long Distance


My name is Amy and i live in Australia and im 16 years old. One night was really bored and decided to go onto an internet chat site. I met a guy called Justin who lives in Massachusetts, USA and is 18 years old. After talking for a bit we exchanged our kik usernames and started messaging each other daily. At first we acted like friends but then he started to go through a hard time with his family and he got kicked out of home, that was when he told me he went to jail when he was younger(he didn't do it) and he was threatening to kill himself and i was the one who convinced him not to, after that we got even more close and started acting like we actually liked each other and then we started telling each other i love you. Justin and i have now only known each other for 4 months and already he's tried to leave me because he's afraid he'll hurt me, refused to sleep for three days because i wasnt physically there with him and he went through a stage of drug dealing but he stopped for my sake. We have even talked about getting married and he says he already bought me a ring because he's so sure that im the one. We skype literally everyday and he makes me laugh so much, i really do love him. A few weeks ago he broke to me some terrible news. He's going to jail for 5 years, we both started balling our eyes out haha i know he didnt do the crime but he is still going to leave. He had his first court case today and tomorrow he'll find out whether or not he will actually go because he didn't do anything. Justin is the best thing to ever happen to me, i love him so much and he loves me more. My family and friends know about him and i will go over there when i finish school whether he's in jail or not but for now we plan to stick with letters. It might sound like a pretty sad story but all this is worth it because in the end we'll be together.


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