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      My life


okay,my name is max and im 14 years old i used to have a crush on a girl at my school. Sadly i found out she had a boyfriend when i saw her at school this is what i said

'hey julia how are you'

'oh hi max im fine ha my boyfriend is takeing me to the cinema to day im so exited !'

'oh haha thats great have fun... well i got to go to english class now ill see you later

'bye max'

When ever i speak to her i feel like im a new person,someone who is born to taste life again for the first time.Then one day i saw her running crying to me,i closed my locker door and said 'julia whats wrong ,what happend to you'


'what! where is he'

'oh no please max dont do anything to him just leave this be'

'no julia im not letting that basterd get away with this,dont worry ill sort this out for you'

'oh max .. thank you thank you thank you '

When i saw him with the other girl a few halls away i just got so frustrated,i mean who could leave a girl like Julia i went up to him and said'dude what you do that for?'

'do what man haha im just talking to jessica over here' came his voice

'yeah i can see that asshole,i mean why'

'why what?'

'why did you dump julia like she is some animal dont you know how lucky you are fucktard?'

'listen max i dont give a fuck about julia anymore ok?we are done.. so buzz off'

'but she loved you man'

'well i dont love her,i just used her to get to jessica over her,anait she a beauty'

'i dont give a flying doodle about her john'

well then i dont know why your talking to me man just leave us alone... we need to have our 'ALONE TIME'

At that point i just got so mad that i went over to him,grabbed his arm and twisted it over his shoulder.


'shut the fuck up and take it like a man'


I let him go and he fell on the floor i gathered all my strength,and punched him the hardest i could then walked away.

I saw julia sitting on some staires,her face in her hands,i came up to her.

'hey julia,you alright? well john is not going to bother you anymore'

'max... can i say something'

'yes sure go ahead'

'promise me you wont get mad'

'i promise julia,now what is it you want to say to me?'

'.... i love you max, i always had'

'julia i love you to ive been wanting to say this for so long,i did'nt have the courage to do it'

'max .. would you walk me home please i .. i need someone with me'

'it would be my honour julia'

We then walked out of the school and she put her head agaist my shoulders, i was quite happy now,my life was complete.



'would you like to go to the cinema with me this weekend, it was for me and john but hes out of my life right now,and im glad of it'

'i would love to,i dont have anything to do on the weekendes'

'really?your going ?'

'yes of course julia i would do anything for you,i would even die for you'

'aww max you are the most sweetest boyfriend i ever had thank you,you have all ways been there for me,no matter what im thankful i have you next to me'

I smiled i could picture it now max and julia wilson hand in marriage.

After we came to her house she turned to me and gave me a kiss on the lips,it felt like heaven.'Max i love you and always will,i got to go now,so you comeing for the cinema right?'

'i love you to julia,and yes i am comeing dont worry'

'ok then bye '

'bye sweethesart'

she turned back and gave a blow kiss to me.

That night i sat in my bed,thinking about her,her hair,her face,her voice,her kiss.Everything about her made me shiver with joy.Then i heard my dad come home,drunk again.I came downstaires and saw him on the floor sleeping blood comeing through his mouth.He must have had a fight at the pub,i did'nt think much of it though,julia seemed to make all my lifes problems go away.That night i was about to go to bed when i got a phone call.

'hello'i said

'hi is this mr. max wilson?' came the unfimiliar voice.

'yes it is,why is there something wrong'

'uhh mr.wilson we have a mrs..... julia here shes in pretty bad shape she got hit by a car so she is in Feriyrer hospital.She asked for you to come right over'


I put on my coat and shoes and went outside.

It was a cold misty night,i started to sneeze,but i held it in.Before i know it i was running towards the hospital,faster than i could run.When i reached the hospital the receptionist knew who i was already

'Shes in the 9th floor 3 room to the left'

'thanks'i weezed

I ran up to her room and saw her just lyeing in bed,eyes closed.My whole world came crashing up on top of me at that very momment. I just stayed glued to the spot for 31 seconds before my feet moved i came up to her and said

'Baby what happend to you? please come back to me please i cant live without you please i beg of you to come back to me'

I felt tears running down my face,first time i cried in months.'M..max..'


'where am i?'

'your in the hospital you got hit by a big car'said the docter

'ohhh i dont feel very good'she said in a very faint voice

'oh please sweetheart come back to me your going to be ok'

'max.. im not'

'Dont say that!your fine'

'max please we all know im not fine'

'but...but.. i love you.. you cant leave me'

'max listen i want to tell you six words before i die and nows the time'


max i.. will...'

'julia please no you cant do this to me'




The doctor pushed me aside and checked her pulse.

'Oh my god shes dead' 'came his stutter voice

'no no no no shes not'

I pushed past the crowd and looked at her one last time i am gonna miss her dearly,her face, her hair,her voice. 'ok baby ...ok... sweetdreams'

I gave her one last kiss before turning around and running home. When i got there i cried my eyes out untill they were soaked with water.Then i realized theres alonely one way i can get over this. I went to my bathroom, locked the door and started to run a bath. I held a picture of her when i got in. I then got my razor blade and cut my wrists. If i cant be with her here, then maby i can be up with her there.


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