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      Forbbiden Love.......


Hi everyone, I just want to say this is the first time I ever tell my story it is in fact a true story so enjoy oh n I will b using fake names....& please don't judge thank you.

It all started with a message! I decided to skip school and stay home all day, I checked my Facebook and got a message from some guy names Adam. He was cute so I answered it of course what 14 year old girl wouldn't answer a cutie! We talked and I instantly fell for him the only problem was he was 20. I ignored his age and 3 days later we were dating. We did so many things together and every time I was with him I was super happy! Everything was going great I thought nothing could ruin it.....but I was wrong. After a month of being together we got caught. My mom read our text messages and since we were sexually active with one another she saw a picture he had taken while we were having sex. She told the cops about it and from that moment on my life was over..... After he was sent to jail I just gave up, I would starve myself, cut myself & I turned to drugs and alcohol. I know it may sound stupid to some of you readers but he was my life and yes I know I was only 14 at the time but you fall in love at any age. I was like that for 5 months until I got a letter, it was from him! He told me he loved me and not to give up on our love and from there I started eating again I stopped the cutting n drugs n I went back to being my old self. The letters continued for about 3 months until my mom caught me and reported it. I thought that was the end for us but 2 months later he got out of jail and contacted me right away! I was so happy! I knew we weren't suppose to be talking because of the protection order but we did it anyways because we were in love with each other! It went on till I turned 18 then we got married and im happy to be called his wife :)


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