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Sometimes in life you find yourself walking alone, a crowded room feels empty, a noisy street quite, not because I'm lonely, not because I feel sad, I'm just deep in thought, thinking about the first time I met my girlfriend, my heart raced, the first time I gave her flowers at the petrol station, the first time I kissed her and the many times I felt sad to say goodnight and wanted just one more kiss before I left, the times I've held her head and kissed her gently on the lips and feeling a warmth that made my heart glow, the times I've held her hand and never wanted her to let go, watching her playing pool with me, a smile on her face and happy, the times with her cuddled close with her head on my chest, the glow i feel when we make love, shopping with her and watching from a distance, she doesn't always know what I'm thinking I'd like to tell her all but I think I would scare her, I know she has fears or a grounding that I don't understand, but I do know I've felt a spark that I like and found a girl that's like a shimmering star on a dark night. I want to walk along the beach and turn to see our footprints side by side and feel your hand in my hand, the noise from the room starts and the room is crowded once more, a smile creeps on my face as I walk, not alone but with some memories I cherish xxxxxxxxxx


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