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      The one that slipped away


right so, that day, the day you started talking.

normal day, last winter when you get put into a seating plan in her class.

you dont really talk because you dont know eachother.

you’ve never really spoken and its just like another seating plan.

you laugh at suspistions and how strange it would be to like him.

we start talking.

random chats on facebook

you start talking more

sometimes hours

6 weeks hols.

you get much closer

you talk everyday, and cant imagine a day without talking

its about silly cute things

he says your beautiful

it makes you happy,

you really like him like no other boy because he makes you feel special

6 weeks go quick talking to him.

he talks to you for hours each day.

any excuse to talk you both will

you make up silly private jokes with him

he calls you his cat<3<3

you die your hair.

he loves it, now your his ginger janet cat :’).

6 weeks end.

you see eachother more.

in those lessons you sit together you have ‘footwars’

and you laugh about private jokes.

you see him everyday when you walk to school and your heart just skips a beat inside.

you now talk everyday, getting closer.

he’s the one you love and you know it.

you just wanna see him and talk 24/7

he asks you out

you dont think, you love him too much you want to say yes, but every time you see hime your too shy, you need more time so you say no.

months go by talking to him and dedicating all your time.

you talk for about 5 days that hes off school. away.

you suport him.

he says he misses seeing your face.

end of year 8

you dont talk much anymore, hes always busy

you like him even more now.

hes taken you into his trap

but then you talk more the summer of year 9, you get close again.

you get the same feeling,

he tells you he wants to spend more time with his beautiful girl

you sneek your phone to bed to talk to him over the summer so you talk all the time.

you go to the local park and hes there with everyone.

he hugs you and stuff, playfighting ect.


but then you find out he talks to that other girl.

the one you want to kill:(:(:(

he marries her on facebook

his friends talk about her to him.

you delete his number, you dont speak

he knows hes busted.

i was always just a game plan for him.

hes always talked to her.

then you go back to the park to find out that hes been ‘fancied’ by other girls

you feel broken lost, just like that you loose someone you’ve loved so much

dedicated all your time too.

you still get the shyness when you see him, you’ve never stoped loving him.

obviously you hate him for what you found out but you think, i was NEVER in a 1,000,000,000 years gonna have a chance with him.

and thats how easily that one boy you love so much can just slip away.

i never stoped loving you.:(


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