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      Big mistake


am seventeen and i was sixteen when i thought i found my frist love,we met on facebook an we talk 4 hours.after four weeks of knowing each other we desided to meet up,am onika an his name was devon he was my everything and i love him with all my heart.on saturday at six o;clock my phone rang as i answer his sweet lovin voice complete my day,he wanted to see me an i was free so i agree.the frist time i saw him something about him was not right;he ask me for sex that same night which i fine was not right,after knowing what he was on i told him i wanted to go home,he told me he was sorry but he rell love me and want to make love to me;and if i love him i give my self up to him and he never leave me.he started touchin my ass and my curesing my pussy some part of me wanted to say stop but the next part wanted more.after having sex with him eight weeks later i found out i have aids.i scream and cry at the top of my lungs i wanted to kill him but he was no way to be found.i had no one to help me an no money to help myself,i was lost and hopeless,i only hard four week to live and i dont no what to do/did;nt no my next step or way am goin to end up.i left the hospital full with tears ;as i reach home i lay on my bed andi got a call that devon died tow weeks ago after hearing the bad news my heart start to hurt.i was having a heart attack ,no one was home an i died lonely as a bird.


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