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      What I have to say.


(this is as if I was talking to the guy who I'm talking about in the story)

There's so many things I could say about you. While there are some good things, there are also plenty of bad things. When we started...what we started, it was fun. I never thought it would escalate into what it did, but it did. And that was was fun for a while, too. You made me feel special in a way that no one has ever made me feel before. But as time went on, I started to feel like I just didn't matter to you anymore. You would tell me a bunch of things, like that you "love" me, yet you'd go around doing stuff with other people, not shying away from their advances to you (if anything, you just encouraged it), and you knew I didn't like it. Maybe I did matter to you, but only in the way that you liked to have control over me. You liked to mess with my emotions, and it almost seemed like you got joy out of making me upset. If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I do not like being messed with at all. Either you're in, or you aren't. And what made me even more annoyed was the fact that you felt you could do whatever you wanted, but if I did things similar to what you did (and as a joke), you'd react the same way towards me and expect me to fix it. In the end, you showed me your true colors, and you hurt me so bad. You acted so surprised when I ended it, but what did you expect? You know, you're really not as special as you think you are. We are both just better off not doing what we were doing. You're not even my type, so I would never go for you, ever again. I only went along with it because you made me feel great in the beginning...but you made me feel completely worthless in the end. I guess this is simply a learning experience for me. I'm slowly getting over time I will completely over you...


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