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      Bitter Love Story


I was 15 when I moved to a new town. First day of school was scary, I was not expecting to meet anyone the first day, however I met him. It was the very first class of the day, he came up to me and said "Hi, I'm Alex. What's your name?"

Later that day, it was time for Science class and he was there. He demanded me to sit with him therefore I did. I thought, "maybe he is interested in me? or maybe I just look lost". Turned out he had a girlfriend at the time so I felt a bit sour inside.

For few months, we were really good friends. We teased about each other, hung out, chatted ... etc. I thought, "maybe there's a chance. I need to go for it!"

One day, him and his girlfriend broke up. He told me their relationship was never going well therefore he was not sad about it. I waited for another month, then I told him what I felt about him and he felt the same.

Although we both have feelings for each other but we did not date right away. We hung out after school in the library and the parking lot. He held me in his arms against the wall, forehead to forehead, and he kissed me. *later he told me my face was extremely red* He officially asked me to be his girlfriend a week or two later.

During our relationship, we had sweet and bitter moments. He flirted with other girls sometimes however I gave him chances because I love him. I fell for his blue eyes, his great personality, humor, sweetness and many others.

One day I found out I had to move with my parents to another city on the other side of the country, my heart fell in pieces. I told him weeks later because I didn't know how he would react to it. He had a hard time believing it. His heart torn in pieces, he told me. We had our last date by the river, where we always hangout. He had a speech ready but I knew what it was. I knew we had to breakup so it wasn't a surprise to me. We kissed and hugged each other goodbye and it was the last time I saw him in person.

It has been little over 2 years now as I'm typing this. During these 2 years, he encouraged me to date other people, I listened to him and dated this one guy. However, he waited. I realized I wasn't able to let Alex go, therefore I ended the relationship. I felt guilty during the relationship, I felt like I was cheating on both of them.

He is still waiting. And I will wait for him too.

I asked him why he is not able to let me go. He said "there is something about you that I cannot let go, and will never let go. I love you and miss you." He admitted that he was not a good boyfriend and was surprised I gave him so many chances that he did not deserve.

Only distance and Universities are keeping us apart.

He promised to visit me soon, and I also promised that I'll visit during summer. I don't know how long this can last, but I am willing to wait forever.

PS, during the 2 years, he mailed me a necklace and I've been wearing it everyday for the past 2 years. He mailed me postcards wherever he traveled. <3 I love him so much.


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