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      They said no, we said yes.


I was a freshman, actually not even that. It was the summer before my freshman year, at band camp. I met him there. I had just turned fourteen, and he had just turned eighteen.

We started talking right away, we sat right next to each other in band, and it turned quickly into love. It may have seemed too quick and too young, but I knew it was love right then. He took my first kiss three months after meeting, and he was my first love.

All our friends thought we were crazy. His friends thought I was too young, my friends thought he was too old. As did my my mother. So we didn't date for a year after falling in love. Instead we passed secret love letters during class, stole secret kisses after school, and whispered secret words over the phone every night.

Finally, the summer after we met, I sat my mother down and talked to her. I told her if it was a mistake I had to learn that on my own. She agreed to let me date him.

So we started dating August 16, 2008.

He has taken my first kiss, love and so many others. And I have found happiness with him.

Now I am nineteen, and he is twenty-three. We are living together, and still very much in love.

I don't know if we'll last forever, but so far he has made me happy, and still does. And for the time being, that is all that matters. If we don't last I will not dwell on the loss. I will look at all that he has given me instead.

He's shown me how I deserve to be treated by a man, and he makes me laugh. I hope he's my forever, but even if he's not going to be with me forever, in a way, he will be with me forever with what he's given me these past five years.


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