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      " maling pag-ibig"



I was only in my 2nd year of high school, so many would say that I was much too young for love. I thought it was foolish, for how could they know what I was feeling inside?

-maybe some would probably say that i am fool loving for my same sex but how could they blame me if on the day i met him he distracted my system already?

- i was walking along the alley of senchs when i bumped into a guy whom i didnt know i will be falling inlove with him for the rest of time!

-i was in the midst of confusion by the time i met him . know why? because if i did i will just be falling out of love and i will just got hurt if i insist!

- i tried to confess it on my friends to gather their opinion about what i felt and they insisted " KUNG ANO NA BATYAGAN MO --GO FOR IT".

at-last , i made a decision that could be change my whole life!

-i loved him too much until it reach the point that i did all even sin to him.

-i pleases his forgiveness until this time and he says " the friendship between us will be cut by your lieng words".-this time in every day i woke up in bed " forgiveness reigns on me".


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