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      Story of Diamond


Diamods are pretty, not just pretty, but a Diamond has wonderful characteristics because they are the most beautiful on the outside but even more flawless on the inside.

I once had a Diamond, it wasn't like all the other diamonds in this world, this one was mine... I always kept my Diamond near me and one day when I was walking this rainy night, I dropped my Diamond... When trying to find the Diamond I saw a sparkle between some cracks in the pavement, it was my Diamond !

Trying to pick it up i fell on the wet surface, I hit the ground so hard my breath was taken away, I suddenly screamed and wept dramatically not for the pain and blood rising on my body, but for realizing my Diamond was gone again, and this time it must've gone in the waterspring next to me.

I am still searching... I am still crawling... I am still hopefull... That someday my Diamond will appear with that same spark I've treasured as long as I want to remember... Where are you Diamond ?


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