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      Cancer girl


chapter 1 cancer girl

The house was huge and with ten bedrooms. Henry at the young age of 18 living in Manchester, going into university after the summer holidays. His mother was best friends with the wife of a rich businessman also living in Manchester.

'Now remember Henry, be nice she is my best friend and her daughter has cancer. She is 18 like you she would love some company' his mother insisted

Henry didn't really want to see her, he felt weird to see a dying cancer girl. The door bell was loud and can hear the vibrations pass through the house, his mother starts laughing as soon as the mother, with the daughter with cancer open the door and they hugged and of old times.

'Sarah its been such a long time' Henry's mother spoke

'Same victoria' Sarah the wife with the rich husband speaks

They greet them in and the servant giving then some cold drinks. In the distance they could hear the cries of a cancer girl needing assistance, suffering from blood cancer. They decide to go and meet her but Henry feeling a little awkward, taken out of her private school because of her condition.

They step in her room, it is the biggest room and a beautiful bed, Henry has a look at her, she had lost her hair but her blue eyes shined through and her smile, made Henry feel weird. He felt so much sympathy for her and smiled at her.

'Here you go honey' Sarah wiping the blood out from her nose

She looked at Simon, she smiled and puking into a bucket full of blood. They went back down stairs, the husband came home straight to other business no word of a 'hello' and straight to more work.

Late that night, as the cancer girl's mother and father were arguing, she started pleading for assistance and Simons room being next to hers, he got up to help her.

'hello' Henry spoke scared

'hello' the cancer girl spoke back

She was bleeding again and Henry quickly wiped it off. They started talking awkwardly and he got her name 'Mandy' and he smiled, he felt weird inside being next to her and so much sympathy and so much care for her. As he was about to leave,

'stay here if you want?' Mandy spoke

'ok' Henry replied

He got in her bed and they laughed and joked, she some times puked but he didn't care and he didn't know why. He liked her blue eyes and a very nice smile a beautiful personality he had never seen before in a woman. Her parents came in to check and just left to argue again when they see she is fine with Henry.

'My parents have been arguing a lot lately' Mandy explained

'My parents are divorced' Henry spoke back

They put on the telly vision and cuddled up, Mandy hasn't had much company since she was diagnosed with blood cancer, none of her friends from private girls college have met her, since she was ill. They were watching a horror movies and Mandy always cuddling tighter next to henry when the scary parts came on.

'How long are you staying Henry' Mandy spoke

'Only for the holidays' Henry replied

'Tomorrow Monday, I'd love it if you can join me if you want?' Mandy questioned intensely

'Of course I would I will stay all night with you' smiled henry

This made Mandy very happy, she had a friend with her now. To keep her company, she liked Henry's smile and nice nature. They could both hear her parents grown becoming louder but they didn't care. The way they were looking at each other, Henry's mother was sleeping in another guest room, probably finding that argument between Mandy parents awkward.

chapter 2 summer holidays

The hospital was busy and everyone being so supportive over Mandy, Henry was sitting there sitting on a chair, they eventually agreed to leave henry with her while the mothers talk privately of what happened in the house with the arguments. Henry noticed little bits of hair on Mandy head, not much but a little. He stroked her head and smiled.

'You've got hair growing' Henry smiled

'I feel much stronger than yesterday' Mandy replied

The hospital was a private hospital and very generous nurses, not like in public hospitals the grumpy and the stressed out doctors walk the scene. There were smiles every where and free treats and drinks.

'What does your mother do as career' Mandy asked

'She is an English teacher in high school' Henry answered

They laughed and joked and henry even was in bed with her watching movies on his IPod. It went to night time and everything was silent. Everyone asleep even the mothers had gone home, Mandy insisted she only wanted henry to be with her. Then an idea came to Mandy, she wanted to walk around the private hospital and just peak around what ever is there.

'Are we allowed to do that?' Henry questioned

'I don't know but I'm bored and I feel stronger than usual' Mandy insisted

They both walked into the hall way and just walking and laughing as quiet as they can, they came at a stop to look at the moon, so big and majestic. They had never seen the moon so big. Henry looked at Mandy and looked in her eyes, his favorite part of her body and with out knowing just slowly gently kissed her lips and realizing what he had done.

'I'm so sorry I don't know where that came from' Henry spilled

'Its ok I like you too' Mandy smiled

Then suddenly a nurse shouted at them coming to them with a cross face and behind her was Mandy's and henrys mother.

'What are you two doing' nurse spoke

'Henry Wilson we asked you to stay with her in bed' Henrys mother shouted

'Mandy you know you are sick' Mandy mother shouted

The mothers did what mothers do best, to always worry about there children but as the next morning came, Mandy got taken in for more examinations and henry and the mothers waiting patiently. When the doctor came out, he had good news to tell. Some how her condition had decreased massively and some of her hair on her head is starting to grow. It was a miracle, every one was happy even her father came home from work early. she was sent home and flowers everywhere from her father. He hasn't been happy lately stressed from running his huge business corporations.

'Thanks for the flowers dad' Mandy spoke hugging him

'Anything for my little sweet heart' replied the Mr Fleur the father of the house hold

Mandy's parents planned a party in two weeks time, she felt stronger and healthier and not coughing up blood or even puking. Her skin felt more elegant and henry was falling more in love with her and so did Mandy with Henry. There is a forest near by there big home, Mandy and Henry went for a walk. The tree's were tall and green leaves, the blue sky's were good enough to swim in and the little animals doing about there business. They walked for hours and hours just talking again and laughing.

They sat down under a tree looking upon a beautiful field, they sat down drinking some juice like a little picnic. Henry wanted to say something to her, he was scared it might freak her out or it was too early.

'Mandy I really love you, I have never felt this way before with another girl' Henry spoke

'I love you to Henry' Mandy confessed kissing

They kissed for a long time until it was getting dark. They did a lot of things together, like going to the museum and fun fairs, there parents didn't know anything was happening between them. They were good at keeping it private, as days went on Mandy's hair growing vary quickly and her eyes blossoming and her lips were toning so much. a beautiful woman she was definitely becoming. Every time in the sunlight Henry would notice how she was healing so miraculously. they were both in her bed room talking.

'Hey Mandy, do you really think it was a miracle what happened to you' questioned Henry

'I believe it was you, I mean I was only getting sicker and sicker before you came, thank you henry' Mandy spoke

Henry blushed, he had never been so important to someone before and she was truly beautiful.

Chapter 3 the party for Mandy

They all got dressed and put up the decorations ready for Mandy. Mostly family were invited, when they all arrived they drank alcohol and music was being played. They were dancing and rejoicing at the miracle, that happened with Mandy. Henry and Mandy were in the garden, just talking to one and another they were the only 18 year old there. Her father calls her in, he was drunk and others worried for him.

'This beautiful lady here, went through hell and she came back stronger, I would have been destroyed is she wasn't here right now' Mr Fleur spoke

The party was getting messy with the alcohol, Mandy just saw her self as an excuse for them to get drunk. Well they did go through some rough days. Couple of hours later, Mandy's mother getting worried where her father is.

'Honey have seen your dad' Sarah spoke to her daughter

'No mom haven't seen him in the garden I was always with Henry' Mandy replied

The party was flourishing, people were dancing and singing and the TV just on for no reason. A noise came from up stairs, Mandy mother got curious and went up to check. Someone turned down the music and everyone eager to know what it was that made that noise. Sarah walking up stairs in the hallway can hear some laughing and more louder noises, slowly opened the door to find her husband with another woman, she had no idea who she was and she screamed the whole house down.The party was over, Mandy started to cry on Henrys shoulder and the house a mess from the party and her dad just drunk.

The next day, Mandy father slept in an hotel as he got kicked out of the house for a few days. Henry and Mandy went for a walk. The mothers just talked about what had happened in the party.

'I hate my parents sometimes' Mandy spoke

'I think we all do' Henry spoke

As they were talking about parents, Henry got a phone call from a friend,

'Hey mate want to come cinema sometime, were all planning a day out' spoke the friend from the phone

Henry spoke to him for about a good 5 minutes, he looked at Mandy.

'Do you fancy coming out with me any friends?' Henry asked

'Yes where are we going?' Mandy asked

'Just cinema and friends' Henry replied

He had one more confession to make, he wasn't sure if Mandy would feel uncomfortable or not but he really wanted her to come out with him and his friends.

'One of my friends, she is female we use to go out would that be a problem?' Henry asked

Mandy thought for a moment, she did feel some uneasiness but decided on the fact they are just friends now.

'Ok' Mandy replied

chapter 4 the outing

It was two boys and two girls, two being Mandy and Henry and Freddy and Henrys ex Sophie. The two girls felt some uneasiness as they both shaked each others hands and looked at each other. Freddy and Henry got on really well, they went to the Trafford center walked about and looked around the mall and got a boost drink. The girls were silent, it was an awkward moment if not stupid of Henry to think they could get along.

After the cinema they went and sat down in nando's the two boys went to the bathroom Mandy and Sophie left alone with each other. Mandy felt weird in front of Sophie, her body language was rough and the awkward silence was unbearable and Sophie just had to say,

'So you're his girlfriend' choked Sophie

'Yes' Mandy replied quickly

'He loved me first you know that right, he loved me first, so you are just his rebound' Sophie spoke horribly

Mandy got up and just left the restaurant and back to her house, crying and wondering why she even went out in the first place. Henry knocked on a couple of hours later, it was raining and he looked at her confused.

What happened?' Henry asked

'What an idiot you are, just you me and your ex' Mandy spoke sarcastically

'I thought you were ok with it?' Henry questioned again

'I thought it was going to be with more people, more boys, it was one on one with your ex!' Mandy shouted

They argued all night and they came to a conclusion, all relationships has an arguments, even though there's seemed perfect a stupid act can destroy the perfect of things.

'I don't want you hanging about with her' Mandy insisted

'Mandy I love you!' Henry shouting

'And you also loved that girl' Mandy spoke

'They are my friends' Henry speaking quietly

They decided they needed a break from and another and just be separate for a couple of days but days turned into weeks and the summer holidays were ending, Henry was starting university and he didn't know anything about what Mandy was up to, if her mother and father were good again, he wondered about her and concluded that they might have split even though they said they were on a break.

eventually he got back with his ex Sophie, sometimes just sometimes Mandy is always in the back of his head, thinking about Mandy the cancer girl that survived miraculously.

chapter 5 the phone call

University had started and lessons had commenced, Henry was studying philosophy and with his now girlfriend Sophie. Listening to the boring lecturer go on and on boring him and he gets a phone call. It was on silent and quickly went out of the lecture room.

'hello' henry Answered

'Its me Mandy mother, she is really sick, I just thought you would want to know' Sarah spoke sadly the mother of Mandy

It was like a sudden shock, he felt like crying but holding it in and suddenly Sophie comes out,

'hey what wrong, oh yeah you on for clubbing?' Sophie spoke unknowingly

'Sophie, I don't love you' Henry spoke

He ran out of university not caring about what Sophie felt and on the bus straight to Ellesmere the rich parts of Manchester and knocked on. The bell vibrated through the house and ran Henry to find Mandy sick with all her hair fallen off and puking blood. He started to cry, looking at her she smiled at him as he walked in the room.

He lied in the bed with her and covering her and skin to skin,

'take in my love and heal, take in my love please, I am so sorry I should have been more intelligent' Henry desperately talking

The next day, the sun rose high and the blue were bluer than ever and Mandy awoke with full hair and fresh skin and she looked at Henry as he awoke to see such a beautiful woman,

'It was your love, all this time, I told you so thank you' Mandy spoke

'No thank you' Henry spoke back and they started kissing,

The parents amazed and just speechless at just what happened, they didn't care because there daughter was alive and well.

chapter 6: 60 years later

Henry had died of old age, the funeral was held in a beautiful place and Mandy had just been diagnosed of blood cancer. The doctor told her this information but this time she smiled and thought about Henry and the miracle that she experienced through out her life and that she has had so many.


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