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      Right Love at the Wrong Time


Hi Everyone,

I am such in pain right now. I dont know how to start it but, ill try to continue..

I was working as a market researcher when I met this guy. Unexpectedly, we talked, for two hours because we were on standby for two hours. Hes a man with good sense of humor. But, I noticed the ring in his finger I then told myself that he is married. I wasnt wrong because he is.

After that conversation, his name remained on my mind. I found out that his friend is the bestfriend of my friend. So, because of that situation our lives were more connected. I was so bothered by his presence but I cant understand why I am missing him.

I have two jobs, at night Im an ESL Teacher. So, I was at the office that time when I first received a text from someone, its unknown. So I replied, Whos this? then the reply is..its me Jason. Is it okay that I texted you..I was surprised why is he texting me when he knows that I know about his marriage. I replied, your wife will be mad at you and he replied, she doesnt care. So, we continued texting, I found out that they are not in good terms because his wife became unfaithful to him. He was trying to save their marriage for the sake of their baby but shes not feling the same way. She wants them to be separated because for her, marrying him was the greatest mistake shes ever done her whole life. When I heard his story, I pity him much. I cant help but feel sad for his side. In my mind, I said.. Why didnt you wait for me?

Our communication continued thru text and of course we've talked alot of topics. I find myself comfortable doing it. We have alot in common. Then, one night, he told me that he is going to pick me up after my work. I said no need but he insisted, so I agreed in the end. We just talk and talk and talk. At my morning work, we cant help but say hi to each other I can sense that he likes me. But I just ignored it, as I feel like Im such assuming. Until, one offer of a motor ride going home became daily. So, thats the time that we've got alot of time for each other. We ate, and talk and laugh.

Unknowingly, were falling for each other. I know its wrong he knows it too. We are both in denial during those times cause we know its wrong. We then confronted each other and he admitted that he loves me and I did too. I know its crazy but we are inlove with each other.

And so, since his wife doesnt want him in her life he decided to go away from home. He want me to live with him because Im pregnant. He wants to care of me. I love Jason so much, I even choose him instead of my BF cause I love him no more. You know what? Im so happy that I was with him, I feel secured, loved and cared. But, everything has endings because his wife changed her mind and filed a case against us. It was so painful as I bid goodbye to him. I cant see him always, I need to endure the loneliness for the sake of our baby.

He promised me that he will fixed everything and will be back to me. I trust him but I know it would take time. Im so hurt, it feels like Im tearing apart.

Now, we keep in touch. I still love him and longs for him. I cant help but cry everytime I remember him. Hes the love of my life. Hes my betterhalf but why do we need to go thru this? If this is trial I prayed for Gods guidance thru me and my baby.

~~ I will continue my story, someday..even if Im already old I will still share this to everyone ~~

* Diadem *


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