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      My Puppy Love


It was June, and I was very excited as the school year started. I still have my "set of friends" with new set of classmates. Im a lil bit nervous because our adviser is known as the "terror of all", but still I was happy because of my friends.

Then July followed, we start practicing for our presentation for our upcoming Intramurals. We need to join the field demonstration. Our trainer is very terror, and I am not a kind of girl who would allow someoneone to hold my hand. I find it awkward to do. But I dont have a choice, why? because its part of our routine for the dance. When I turned my head to the guy beside me, I got irritated because I saw a sarcastic smile from a "guy next door. Im really in doubt if I will give my hand or not but my trainer stared at me as if shes about to eat me, so I held my hand to him.

We need to practice everyday but the next day, I havent seen that mysterious guy anymore. I just ignored it, we continued practicing until we were done. We went back to our classroom and rested, when I looked up to our student profile inside the room I noticed one face. Its his face! Guess what, there I found out that we are classmates. I was shocked and my peers noticed that I am bothered so they confronted me and ask whats worng. I told them the whole story and one of my friend say, hes a problematic student. Cutting classes, absences and failed grades. I didnt say a thing. I kept silent but I was still curious, Im trying to reminisce the past.

It was raining and I dont have an umbrella. I was not looking at the pathway as I was running fast covering my books not to get wet. Then suddenly, I stopped, I bumped on someone. When I looked at the person it was a guy with an umbrella who didnt even offered his hand to help me and told me, next time try to look at where you are headed so that you wont hurt someone, then he walks away. I was left alone, wet and irritated.

Then my friend cut off my imagination..

Hey! you okay..Juvel asked me.

I said Yeah! Im fine..

There I confirmed that the guy who held my hand is the same heartless guy whom I bumped into wayback my 2nd year highschool. I kinda laugh at the coincidence situation.

I havent seen him for a couple of days, school days continued...But me and my friends had a misunderstanding, they accused me that I flirted on my friends crush which isnt true. So, there I was sitting alone on a bench during our vacant time. And someone cuts my lonesomeness, guess who? Its him again. He whispered at my back and said, dont you know that you dont look good when youre alone and he sat beside me. I cant say a thing in short Im speechless. He asked me why was I alone I answered him with you dont care. He said cum'on a very noisy girl can only be silent when there is something wrong. So tell me now!

Instead of being friendly, I answered him with ..Who are you? Are we friends for me to tell you whats wrong? He said, Okay! I'll introduce myself to you to be formal. Im Raymond. And you are? as he offered his hand to me. I feel like I dont have a choice but to accept his hand so I did. And I replied, Desiree! So, were friends now? I smiled a bit and said Fine! And he smiled too. He bought banana cue and coke and we ate together. That was an awkward feeling, mingling with someone you know barely. But it continued until we need to go back inside the room for our next period.

He said that he'll go home with me after class I didnt bother to give attention to his words since that class started. Since then, he became my substitute friend. Until we have a homework in Filipino that we need to bring our picture when we were still kids and put definition on it. After we passed it, my teacher gave the half to me and half to Raymond for us to return it to our classmates. After returning all, I havent got mine. I also didnt return one picture because I find it cute. And I asked him, is that mine in your hand? He also said..Is that mine too? I laughed and he laughed. Until we agreed not to give it to each other.

Our classmates were already asking us if we have a relationship. Then he would answer, what?! If shes the only girl left in this world Id rather die than be with her. I replied the same..but we are still good friends.

Until I felt that something is not right.. I am falling for him..But Im tryng to deny it.

One day, he told me that his mother wants him to transfer to Davao and that he will yield on my decision if I want him to go their. I was asked him, what? why me? you decide cause its your life. And I left him alone. I was so bothered that night thinking that hell be away from me. Then morning came, I dont have any appetite in going to school, but still I did.

I saw him at the guard house, when He saw me he gave me the usual smile I replied with a fake one. Then when Im nearer,he held my hand and told me that we need to talk. He asked me for my answer if he'll transfer or not. I said why are you leaning in my opinion. What am I to you? He said nothing..I just want to have your side as my friend. Then i said, if you like it then go. He said Okay..but inside of me..I dont want him away. I get used to do alot of things with him. Make projects, homeworks and talking non sense things, even playing sports his my balance.

But, lets divert the story..The father of my classmate died so we need to send our condolences. We went to their house and gave money and flower. I was shocked because Raymund did something unexpectedly, he made ways so that me and my friends will reconcile. And he said please take care of Des as I go.

Then they asked him, where are you going? He told them about his transfer. I escaped from that scenario cause Im crying inside. I sat alone outside and his friend came over and ask me this odd question, Do you love him? I said what?! But i replied, I dont know. His friend stated his changes since we became close to each other. Ive seen it too. Until he left, I remained sitting when I heard his voice. Will you miss me? I said, NO! He said okay..

But, I told him..Im joking..I will miss you, definitely I will! He held my hand and told me that Im the only one who could change his mind. He said, can you be my girl? I answered with, please give me time for me to make sure. He agreed with it. After a month of waiting, I gave him my YEs! We were so happy then until the end of the schoolyear, my parents told me that we will move to another place. We talked and I told him about my parents decision he felt sad but he respected it.

We set up for one day for us alone to be together. He told me that if we were successful in our lives we'll go back to that place and we are still single well get married.

But it didnt happen, we still have news about each other but its hard for us to meet again. We then agreed that we need to accept the reality that we aren't meant for each other.

Thank you for reading..


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