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      The USB (part 2)


.,So Rica saw us, she threw a look at as and then left. Actually at that time I really feel uneasy, because I don't want Rica to be mad at me, I don't want Rica to think that I was flirting with her so-called boyfriend., Because to the hell, I hate this man. I thought Rica would just let it that way but I was wrong, after some minutes two of Rica's friend approach us in the shed and at that time there are lots of students were also sitting in the shed., So this two friends of Rica made a scene, they confront Carl, they said Carl should go to Rica because she's already nagwawala!., So almost all of the students were looking at us, they're looking at me!., And so Carl left and went to Rica, and I was very abashed at that time, all I wanna do is to melt. I knew this people think that I'm a flirt, I'm flirting someones boyfriend., And the hell, I'm not like that!!!., So I was just silent for a couple of minutes, i pictured myself as a little chick left!., then a girl with her friend which I also don't like, approach me and comfort me., and there I cried and I explained to them the real situation.,I was really guilty at that time towards them, because after all they are not the same people that I hate.,

.,then the next day, I just found out that Rica and Carl already broke up.,It goes by that, and so everyday Carl was really showy of his "feelings" towards me., and so I don't know what I have eaten, its like there are times that I found my self going on with Carl also. So that made Carl think that we are already in a relationship. But still in my mind, I don't erase the possibility that Carl is just making me his flavor-of-the-month., Every time we're together he act as if he's my boyfriend. He's the type of an aggressive man, maybe because in his past relationship, lets say all of his girlfriends just let him do whatever he desired. But sorry!, I'm not that type of girl! I proved to him that I'm different from his previous girls.

., So that's his issue towards me.Im really showing to him that im noit the type of easy-to-get girl and besides, way back from the start he is not my boyfriend. One time I told him that he is much suited to my older sister beside that they are both sk chairman, but he haven't meet my sister yet.

., Its lunch break the, I was with my friends siting under the shades facing the oval, when Carl approach me, then I was telling him that he should leave because I'm afraid that my sister would see me with him. And so it happened, my sister saw us and just passed.

., then I gave my sisters mobile number to him, and when I got home. I asked my sister if Carl texted her, and she said yes. My sister really don't have the idea that Carl is courting me, she just thought that Carl was just our acquaintance. Then when my sister left her phone, I was really curious what did Carl really texted to my sister. Then to my surprise, guess what?!, Carl is courting my sister through phones!. hahaha!, as if he could get my sister. hahaha!I'm surprise not because I'm mad at Carl, instead I'm surprise and find the situation funny!, Its really funny for me!, How crazy Carl was, doing this to two girls that are sisters. Well perhaps he'd been doing this a lot of times, he's an expert on it. But he's really crazy, He's not using his mind. This time he's rotten strategy wont work.

., By that I just proved that Carl was not really serious. And he's not the type of a guy that should get the title of my "first boyfriend". As time passed by that I'm rejecting him, he slowly went part from me. I told him that I already had my boyfriend so he should better stay away from me. He told me that I'm very childish, I'm very maldita and a spoiled-brat. And so what!, I don't care.

., The school year ends, and its another school year again. Yeah, we still met but this time its just casual. So I graduated and I haven't seen him from then on. After almost 3 years he just chat me on fb, and I said I'm already changed. I'm not already the childish/spoiled-brat/maldita little girl he used to know. I'm already grown up and I'm more matured now. And he said, yeah maybe you already grown up now but he added that I'm the same girl he used to knew before. He asked for my mobile number again, but the nerve!, I wont give it to you!, He also said that he wants to meet me because he knew that I was studying her in Manila and he's also here. But hahaha!, no way!, meet with your face!.,

.,so this whole experience for me is really funny! as well as a great learning. When there's a time that remember about the experience or about Carl I found my self smiling, smiling not because kinikilig but smiling because its really funny.

.,I really got some lessons from the experience, and this are not to trust men immediately, don't be an easy-to-get kind of girl, be true to everyone. and also whatever the start of meeting someone, when destiny plays with you it would really make a change a lot between you. same as ours, we started enemy, courting stage, enemy again and now I just treat him as a lesson-learned as well as a funny-stuff.

., so girls out there, hope you get something from this experience of mine., t.y for the time, enjoy life., t.y for reading.,=)



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