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      Finding True Love


I was in a relationship for more than 10 years. Yes, 10 years! Believe it or not, we were even miles apart for the last 5 years as I am working abroad. It was a year after I graduated college when I met him. He’s the type of guy who won’t run after you when you said No. But no matter how hard a man is, as long as the woman is sweet and such a caring person, I assure you… the man won’t do anything but to please you. So everytime we had a misunderstanding, no matter whose fault it is, he’ll always say sorry. I loved him and I always will.

I thought this is an everlasting love. Because even if he’s a BUM, well not that much :), I still love him and I know he truly loves me. He’s always there for me. And you know why I love him most? Because his family loves me too, thinking they love me more than him.

The relationship started falling apart on the 8th year. He’s started to ignore my calls and often times busy driving or with a client. But we survived that 8th year. And guess what? I was engaged!

Nineth year, it just happened… I started looking for his attention but he has no time. He has more time with friends. I got tired of him… tired of giving him everything and doing everything to keep our relationship. A relationship is a give and take process. But I started to realize that it’s only me… who cares more and who is really looking forward to build our future together. Although, he has plans BUT I never knew that plans. I tried not to call him for a week, two, three, till he stopped calling. Then, no communications at all till he’s found someone else. We both know we had no formal breakup. We both know we love each other. But he’s tied up now. And I know it’s the worst decision he’s ever made.

I still love him. And to be honest, it really is so hard to let go.

I am in a relationship for almost 2 years now. It’s the same love process I had with him. So I am finding it hard and been always thinking if I will ever find true love.

I am in my 30’s and I am hoping somewhere… someday… true love will find me.


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