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      Letting go


When I was in college i met this guy in the same school i was working. We hated each other, We really dont like each other.. Our day is a misery everytime we saw each other., Just call him J..

One day, my friends and i got a deal that i will make J fall for me., of course with a cost. Because they found out that we have a chemistry. I don't think so. And then I got the deal.Then I courted him. Yeah! I courted him as in me., and unexpectedly he responsed and say yes to me..

So, I won and have the prize..

After we proclaim each other as a gf and bf., theres is no more fighting and war happens between us.

A month after we officially on everything has change he has been good to me and my feelings changed too., and i found out that i fall for him. Iloved him unexpectedly and

As he said that He loved me too. Then he courted me again for the formality of our relationship.

Our relationship getting stronger and my love for him is getting deeper that my day will not be complete without seeing him.

A days, months and years passed.. But we still intact and holding on each other.. I dont expect, we had reach for three years.. three years that we spents so many things and we have done together, memorable and unforgetable moments.

My Graduation day came and he still in His last year. And i've found a job far from him.. He always say hold on no matter what distance we have my love for you is still and firm.. I keep that promise as an insurance that he belongs to me and me belongs to him..

After one day, i did not filed an overtime just to contact him because i've really missed him, i keep on contacting his number and it just ring and ring.. until he text me and his message goes like this:

"Im so sorry, im just a weak person, i cannot bear our situation anymore.. its hard for me to be far from you.. I found someone here.. but i still love you.."

While reading this message from him i can't stop my eyes to be wet... my tears falls like a waterfalls which is nobody can stop.. and i ask him

You said keep holding, why you give up? he said, im weak.

Your love is weak then?., he said, Im sorry.

"Do you love her? he said, i dont know..

You want freedom? he said, it is fair to you...

When he saying this , my heart stop beating, it's really hard to breath,i really felt inside. Hard to explain and hard to synchronize what is happening.

As i look back after what happen I realize maybe he can never be mine and even until now. It's hard to move on but it is the nicest way i can do to myself. Stand up and look forward.


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