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There's this guy that I knew when we were at high school. Let's just call him Mr. Toy. I was at my 1st year and he was at his 2nd year. We were introduced by my classmate who was his friend. There was really no feelings at that time between the two of us because we both have crushes with other schoolmates. I was so in love with the other guy at that time so I just ignored him. I was hurt knowing that my crush already had a girlfriend. In my 2nd year in high school, my close friend had a crush with this Mr. toy even when we were still in our 1st year. Actually, there were many girls who have a crush with Mr. Toy and my close friend was one of them. So, My friend asked the number of Mr. Toy and then he gave but he was using different sim wherein me and Mr. Toy have the same network used. What my friend did was, she gave the number of Mr. Toy to me. But they were still texting until one time my friend wants to meet with Mr. Toy but Mr. Toy refused with no reason. Maybe he was ashamed but when we were texting, I was shocked when he courted me. Knowing that my friend already had another crush, then what I did was , I answered him with yes. Meaning I accepted him as my boyfriend. But there was no really a big feeling,that i Love him already. Just for a thought of " to have a boyfriend"???and I know he feels the same way, too. It was a very childish thing,,lol!

But as the days passed by, we noticed that our feelings became true already. I fell in love with him and also with him because I could see it through his actions. I never thought that our relationship would last so long. I never imagined that my love for him would grow so strong that I could not bear him leaving me. Until he graduated in high school, while me, still in my last year. It was really hard for me since I was used of being with him and seeing him everyday at school. He was at his freshman in college already at one of the biggest university where there are a lot of influences such as beautifu girls. Our relationship turned so cold that it really hurts me a lot. He had no time with me at all. We barely see each other, seeing each other just like once or twice a month! I could not bare that. Even in my special days, no presence from him..It really hurts me a lot that it made me think that he has another girl and I was not wrong. It breaks my heart until one time, a guy came that made me decide to just stop my unclear relationship with Mr. Toy. It really ended and it was not a hard decision made for I was already in love with my new.

Years have passed by we have no news about each other nor we haven't seen each other for such a long time. Until one time, I just knew that he has a lived in partner.It's nothing with me at all because there's no more feeling. But one day, through fb, we chatted each other and he was asking for my number. I gave it and he asked me to go out for i dont know if it was a date??but yes I go with him just to have fun..I became a playgirl at that time being with different guys so its not a hard thing for me to accept his invitation. The "date" was not just happened many times..till i knew everything that happened to his life and I that I knew him better.

Suddenly, when I was already free,as in no boyfriend, he courted me. I really dont have the plan to give him another chance because I knew what he did before and I liked another guy at that time,lol! We went out for many times without a plan to say yes to him.I dont really want to be hurt again that's why i did not let my self to fall for him. But as the time goes by, I just accept him as my boyfriend again. but it did not change me into a good and loyal girl. of course i really dont want to be the one who is pity in the end!oh,i forgot ,his lived in partner went home and did not came back and he told that he doesnt want the girl anymore and that he doesnt want her to go back to his life.

But we cannot really deny our feelings. My fear came and that is to fall for him..aahh,, it really happen.. i fell for him for the second time around and its stronger.. I just decided to not hide my feelngs anymore especially when i knew that he feels the same way too. And, when he said that he wants to marry me.! gushh!

it really made me fall in love with him so much with the sweet words that came from him. I really never thought that we could be together again after 5 years. Now, were so in love with each other with no doubts. I am now a faithful and loyal girlfriend. This is the true love that I wanted and I felt it only with him. I know for sure that he is the guy that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I would give him evrything and do evrything for him. I love him so much and so as him to me. I just wish that this would really is it because I am giving all my life now.


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